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Mrs. Cuddles
Biographical information

New York City


Mrs. Cuddles


Emotional vampirism
Size alteration

Weapon(s) of choice

Donatello's tech-bō staff
Her ears


Children's Entertainment mascot/TV Star

Physical description

Living rabbit doll/puppet



Hair color

Blue and Rainbow

Eye color


Out of universe information

Rise of the TMNT

First appearance

Mrs. Cuddles

Created by

Ian Busch

Voiced by

Eliza Jane Schneider

Teachers and Students

Mrs. Cuddles is a popular children’s TV show character, as well as an antagonist of the Turtles and Splinter in Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Physical Appearance

Mrs. Cuddles is a stuffed rabbit toy with a dark blue body, a light blue muzzle and belly and a white cotton-ball tail. She also has long, rainbow-colored floppy ears, buck teeth, large eyes with black pupils (which sometimes glow red), thick eyelashes, and a red nose. Mrs. Cuddles also wears a yellow bow on top of her head.


Mrs. Cuddles is, despite her cute appearance, sadistic and brutal, delighting in scaring people and mutants alike. She loves screams and hates laughing. She also sometimes talks in baby talk. She will do almost anything to make a person scream. She is also somewhat polite as she will say 'thank you' when she gets the scream she wants.


Originally, Mrs. Cuddles was a simple puppet or doll that somehow acquired sentience, as well as the ability to absorb the fear from those around her in the form of screams, which caused her size and strength to increase.

Mrs. Cuddles was brought to the Turtles' lair by April O'Neil, who had been cast in her show, in order to prank their would-be leader Raphael. Raphael for no known reason, was very afraid of plush dolls. Because of his phobia, he was the prey she needed to gather enough strength to frighten the rest of the Turtles and April, triggering more fearful screams. In her final confrontation with Raphael and Splinter, the mutant rat began laughing loudly, which drained Mrs. Cuddles' power. Reduced to the size of an ordinary doll again, she was locked in her case by Raphael.


  • Emotional Vampirism
    • Size Alteration: Mrs. Cuddles' power is derived from fearful screams: the more someone screams, the larger she becomes. However, when someone laughs, Mrs. Cuddles shrinks.




  • "Now give me a scream!"
  • "No Raphie! Just widdle ol' me!"
  • "Who wants a pickle-wickle?!"



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