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Crognard the Barbarian

Crognarg The Barbarian is a fictional cartoon series and the Turtles new favorite show in the 2012 TV series' third season. It's an homage to the 80's cartoons Thundarr The Barbarian and He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. It airs on Channel 3.


Crognard the Barbarian portrays the fictional adventures of Crognard and his friends on an unnamed alien planet full of strange creatures and terrible monsters.


Much like in Space Heroes and SRMFF! each of the main characters in the cartoon represent one of the series characters.

Main Characters

Other Characters

Episodes featuring "Crognard The Barbarian"

  • Clash of the Mutanimals - The evil wizard Malfidor takes control of the minds of Wizardess, Spooch, and Graah, but was unable to take over Crognard's mind. Upon Crognard breaking Malfidor's mind control, Wizardess, Spooch, and Graah beat up Malfidor as Crognard delivers the episode's moral to the viewers quoting "Remember, kids, friendship beats evil mind control every time." Spooch agrees with him with that moral.
  • Dinosaur Seen in Sewers! - Crognard dies anti-climatically during his show's series finale when he is swallowed by the Dread Dragon Wigglepuss. Michelangelo's online search verified that it was the real end of the series and his death was permanent. Thus he re-edited the footage to show Crognard surviving the battle.


  • The studio that producers Crognard the Barbarian, is called Auman Murakami Enterprises, Inc. This name refers to Brandon Auman, a script writer of the TMNT series, and Murakami-Wolf studios which produced the 1987 TV series, and a possible reference to Glen Murakami, with whom Ciro Nieli worked with on the 2003 Teen Titans series.


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