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The origin of Batman... together with the origin of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? The stories are familiar, but through the prism of this altered reality, clearly not the same. An uneasy feeling sets in that everything is not what it seems. But the Laughing Man pays a visit to a familiar Turtles ally to make sure this world stays exactly as Krang has remade it.

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Years ago in New Gotham City, two men are loading some chemicals into a truck, when they are held up by gunpoint by a man identifying himself as Chill. Down the street, the Wayne Family are exiting a showing of Mark of Zorro at the Monarch Theater, when Thomas hears Chill's gunfire in the distance. Martha, however, is undeterred and is more focused on a glass bowl of turtles that their son Bruce is purchasing from a nearby vendor. Martha relents in letting him have them if he will take care of them and name them. Bruce has been learning about artists in school and names them Raphael, Donatello, Michelangelo, and Leonardo.

Heading through a shortcut to their car, the Waynes are suddenly faced with Chill in the speeding truck. Thomas pushes Bruce out of the way, sending his turtles crashing into an open manhole while he and Martha are crushed beneath it. Some of the chemicals fall out of the truck and follow the Turtles into the manhole. A distraught Bruce falls into the manhole as well, passing a rat on the way down.

In the present, Splinter and Bruce discuss the fact that they remember both this incident and a new, separate history. Splinter wonders what Bruce might have become in a world where he didn't have three brothers to process his grief with. Bruce thinks about where he would have been in this world, and decides to go there, seeking answers, and he vanishes mid-conversation with Splinter.

The Mirage Raphael has a plan to "wake up" people to their true history in order to dismantle the multiverse created by Krang. His plan also involves the Turtles wearing the bandanas from their true history. The other Raphael refuses, saying he only wears what he wants. He argues with his Mirage incarnation, while Don and Leo try to calm him down and Michelangelo acts disinterested, more enthused in if the "real" Michelangelo knows how to get high score in the Pony Racers coliseum arena. Mirage Raph declares that the first person they'll need to "wake up" is named April.

Bruce makes his way to Wayne Manor which is in a state of dilapidation. Meanwhile, April O'Neil talks to Sarah Liz as she checks out of work, noting that Dr. Stockman almost remembered her name for once. Sarah says she should join them at Henry's Bar for drinks, but April says she'll just head home with a pizza. On her way to the subway, though, she is accosted by The Laughing Man and the Smile Clan, saying that a "big floaty hologram brain with a face" told him to find her, and that "they" would be looking for her as well. April has no idea who "they" are, but "they" (the turtles) reveal themselves and fight the Smile Clan. Partway through the fight, April suddenly remembers Donnie.

Back at Wayne Manor, the elderly, bearded dweller of the property approaches Bruce with a gun, and when their eyes meet, he recognizes his Master Bruce, and Bruce suddenly remembers Alfred Pennyworth and his own origin.

The Laughing Man fights Mirage Raph, and notifies Krang of his position, zapping Raph to parts unknown. Before he's vanished, Raph tells the other turtles that they need the Smile Clan's "real leader" to be found, and for them to turn back to The Foot. The Laughing Man and his Smile Soldiers disappear with a smoke bomb. April tells the turtles that she thinks who they need to go after, and Raph realizes that his Mirage counterpart was right about everything.

At Wayne Manor, red electricity strikes, and Alfred and Bruce continue to regain memories. They set the grandfather clock to open a secret passage and proceed to head down.

Elsewhere, the Ninja Turtles, now clad in their familiar gear, approach a man training with heavy bags. Leonardo calls him Oroku Saki, who was once their fiercest enemy, and tells him they need his help.

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