Splinter action figure 1990

Wind-up rat with sewer slitherin' action!

Vital Ratistics

Accessories: Tail Totin' Accessories, Ninja Knife, Rat Lantern

Action Feature: Crawlin' and Slitherin' Action!

Slitherin' through the sewers, Splinter slides in sewer sludge as he sniffs his way around underground. Using his tail radar to find the Foot, Splinter sneakily squiggles and wiggles his way past Foot guards and sewer cats. Waist high in ooze, Splinter blinds the Foot with his rat lantern and tail search light, turning the dark pungent pipes into bright tungsten tunnels. This rascally rodent meanders through mazes of muck, searching for secret passageways into Shredder's lair. So set Splinter down and send him on his next mutant mission.


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