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North Hampton Woods


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Mutagen Draining
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Mutant Dirt





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Glowing Green

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2012 TV series

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Within the Woods

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The Creep is a bog monster-looking creature attacks April, Casey and the Turtles in the woods in the 3rd season of the 2012 TV series.


Creep's face is a zombie-like mound of mud, his skull shape is very close to that of a turtle. Creep will steal his wardrobe from a sunbeaten scarecrow, including his first mask. For his second mask he wears Casey's goalie mask. He has daisies growing on his skin.


Following his defeat at the hands of Shredder, Leonardo spends some time recovering in North Hampton, New York. Donatello concocts a batch of medicine using Mutagen as a base and feeds it to Leo in an attempt to aid his recovery. Leonardo vomits up the medicine into the bog, which mutates into Creep. Creep stalks the Turtles, April, and Casey near the O'Neil Farmhouse. Raphael is the first to be targeted by Creep. Creep then ambushes Donatello and Michelangelo, near a shack that contains the bottle of the mutagen medicine and Raphael turned into a planet mutant. Creep then attacks Casey and April as they try their best to take down Creep where it ends up taking Casey's hockey mask. Upon seeing April get abducted, Leonardo traces Creep to his shack where he ends up fighting it. After Leonardo walks back to the shack where the group is attacked by Creep, they try their best to take down Creep. Using the mutagen medicine bottle, the Turtles and April play keep away with it until Leo destroys the bottle and April and Casey manage to chain Creep. Donatello was able to use an I.V. vacuum to drain the mutagen out of Creep in order to restore Raphael from his flower form. The rest of Creep ended up back into it's goo-like form which starts to glow in a glass jar.


  • The Creep is a classic face grabber and tosser, much like Leatherhead
  • He is handy with his pitchfork, and can toss it like a javelin.
  • His Freakish Super-Strength.
  • Creep lumbers, but can at times take extremely motivated big strides.
  • If you wound Creep he loses chunks but grow back like a vegetable.
  • Creep can turn other creatures into swamp monsters.
  • Creep can drain the Mutagen out of other mutants.




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