Cowboy Don
The Range-rovin’ Reptile with a Rawhide!

Vital Spurtistics

Accessories: Half-shelled Holster, Sewer Six Shooter, Reptile Rifle, Lizard Lasso
Favorite Food: Pizza Grub
Favorite Town: Dude City

Giddyap with Crazy Cowboy Don, the roughest, toughest, meanest Mutant to ever saddle up on this side of the sewers. He’s a rowdy rascal who’ll round up them Foot doggies and brand ‘em – where it counts. Every hour’s high noon with Crazy Cowboy Don. His sewer six shooter’s happily housed in his half-shelled holster, but at a drop of a Foot Clan hat, he’s ready for a showdown. That’s when he really puts on a Wild West Show that would make Calamity April swoon for more! Yeehaw! Look out for the Lizard Lasso swingin’ in circles! Don’s the best reptile roper you’re likely to see. And for real tricky shootin’, dude Don’s got his radical reptile rifle, which can reload itself. Don’t ask how it’s done, but that’s the way it works! As you can see, he’s truly Crazy Cowboy Don – and he puts the wild in the west.

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