Michelangelo’s Mondo Motorized Skateboard!

When Michelangelo asked Donatello to fix the trucks on his favorite skateboard he never dreamed his tech-crazy brother would hook them up to a super-charged engine! An engine that automatically shuts off when Mikey gets off (like Mikey says, “It won’t stop ’til I drop!”)! With its cool crashin’ careenin’ and thrashin’ high speedin’ and ability to go both in a straight line and in dizzyin’ circles, Mikey’s new skateboard is the raddest reptile racer around!



  • Rotating and Hinged Ankles
  • Hinged Knees
  • Rotating and Hinged Hips
  • Rotating and Hinged Shoulders
  • Hinged Elbows
  • Rotating Wrists
  • Individually Jointed Fingers With Two Hinges Each
  • Rotating Neck


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