Cowa-Booyakasha is a backup story printed in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Amazing Adventures issue #8.

The story is noteworthy for having no dialogue whatsoever other than variations on the catchphrases "Cowabunga" and "Booyakasha", along with some non-verbal interjections.




Michelangelo and Mondo Gecko are skateboarding on rooftops, punctuating their stunts with each of their signature catchphrases "Booyakasha" and "Cowabunga". They quickly start competing with one another to execute the most daring skateboard stunts, one-upping each other with their respective catchphrases.

The noise and spectacle they create attract the attention of a nearby patrol of Footbots. As the duo try to shout each other down with their catchphrases, the Footbots narrow in and attack. Mikey and Mondo clasp fists and set aside their competition. The two rush into battle shouting "Cowaboonkasha!", and start bashing Footbots using both their skateboards as weapons and the momentum of cooperative skating stunts as attacks.

The battle ends with the wreckage of all the Footbots. Mikey asks Mondo, "Cowabunga?" Mondo fistbumps Mikey, saying, "Booyakasha."


Mega Man Skate or Die
  • On page 3, there is a graffiti mural that reads "Skate or Die", and is decorated with Mega Man's head. These are references to two different 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System games from the 1980s. Skate or Die! in particular is a skateboarding game that makes heavy use of 1980s fashions. These references lampshade the dated retro appeal of Mondo Gecko's style and vocabulary.


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