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Dr. Cornelius Quease is a world renounced scientist on mutation theories in Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation and an enemy of the Ninja Turtles. This character was created specifically for the Live Action TV series Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation. No one else in the scientific community will take Quease seriously, except for Donatello who thinks Quease is a genius. He has been recruited to work for the Dragon Lord in hopes that he can figure out what made the Ninja Turtles so big. Once he finds out, Quease will feed the 'evidence' to the Dragon Lord in hopes that the king of dragons can also gain the mutant powers. Quease is incredibly arrogant and rude, and does not take lightly to those who point out flaws in his theories.


Dr. Cornelius Quease was once a member of a more elitist research circle and dealt with the future of mutation technology. Donatello admired Dr. Quease very much, and therefore he was horrified at his kidnapping by the Dragonlord. The Dragon Lord urged the scientist to use his knowledge and skills for his service. The scientist sympathized with the Dragon-Lord, especially when a fully-equipped research laboratory was placed at his disposal.

From pure naivete, Donatello believed in the good core in Dr. Quease and tried to help him. But the doctor proved to Donatello's great disappointment to be a malicious and crazy scientist. Since then, he has stood by the Dragon Lord with his scientific knowledge and has set himself the goal of destroying the turtles.



*A Dr. Quease action figure was planned for release at one point for the Next Muation action figure series by Playmates Toys, and even appeared in solicitation catalogs. The figure is dressed in a blue lab coat with coarse blood splatters and brown shoes. On the left hand is a metal claw attached with some cutting tools. It was ultimately never released, likely due to the large blood spatter on his clothing.
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