Copinator was a game that was included in the Gaminator prototype. It first appeared in the Fast Forward episode "The Gaminator". It was the last level, the big - boss level and the hardest one.


Copinator's features include it being a futuristic city, with lots of skyscrapers and buildings, cars and roads, basically a normal road in a town. When the TMNT and Serling arrive, Serling tells them Cody is downloading cheat codes to get them out of there. Mikey tells the others that this is the 'big boss' where a huge monster looms, and big is right! Out comes a massive Viral, as tall as the skyscrapers. She easily manages to grab the Turtles and injure Serling. The TMNT then look like they are being electricuted, with electricity coming from Viral's arms. Suddenly another glitch appears and Serling sees an orb, with Cody in it. He tells Serling to hit Viral with the cheat code orb. This weakens Viral and makes her smaller. She is furious and hits Serling. Suddenly the Turtles weapons appear, made possible by Cody's genius. The Turtles then attack Viral furiously, and she grows smaller again. Then she reminds the Turtles that she is in control and that she has 'unlimited health' and she grows to massive size again. Don said if Cody could hear them, they would be needing some "extra lives". Cody responded and made lots of cheat codes. There were lots of duplicated Mikeys made coming out of doors and sewer lids and duplicated Raphs. They started to attack Viral with their sheer number. But Cody wasn't done yet. High upon the rooftops, lots of duplicated Dons and Leos started to jump down as well! The Turtles had giant numbers of advantage and they easily destroyed Viral. This was the end of The Gaminator play, and for good riddance to the Turtles!