"The Sewer-soaked Cement Mixer and Hard Hat Hero"

Vital Constructistics

Accessories - Mighty Handweapons / Dual Dude Exhaust Pipes Boss Blow Torch with Propane Tanks / Fuel Tanks & Mixer Tilt Throttle 

Favorite Material: Radical Rock 

Favorite Food: Trail Mix 

Favorite Surface: Kowabunga Concrete 


"All work and no play makes Michelangelo a good construction worker - and that's exactly what Construction Mutation Michelangelo is all about. Rugged and ready to go, hard hat Michelangelo's built like the boss worker he is - square and solid. And when the whistle blows - it's Mutation time. Michelangelo Mutates into the raddest cement mixer to ever grind gravel! But if the Foot try to slow down the building process, Michelangelo's quick to change back into his bad Turtle self and lay a few Foot foundations. He even Mutates his construction tools into Mighty Mutation weapons: the duel dude exhaust pipes are great at givin' the cement mixer Mutant power - and it's even better for bashin' Foot faces by changin' into Michelangelo's mighty handweapons! And when the Foot fools have finally fallen, it's time for total work power. Just a flip and a fold and Michelangelo's a real workin' Mutant machine! When he joins up with his Construction Mutation buddies, Leonardo and Donatello, the Turtle team can build faster than any construction force around! And with a quick Mutation of the mixer's fuel tanks, Michelangelo's ready for wacky weldin' action with a big boss blow torch! So get Mutant mixin' with Construction Mutation Michelangelo, the sewer-soaked cement mixer and hard hat hero!"


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