"The Dude Dump Truck and Formidable Foreman!"

Vital Constructistics

Accessories -

Kowabunga Katanas Blade / Bodacious Bumper Jumpin' Jack Hammer / Hero Horns 
Dump Truck Tilt 
Exhaust Pipe 

Favorite Material: Green Gravel 

Favorite Food: Rock Candy Pizza 

Favorite Surface: Dude Dirt    


"Here's one formidable foreman who doesn't need a building permit - it's Construction Leonardo, the leathernecked leader of the Turtle work team. This burly boss Mutates from formidable foreman into dude dump truck - without any overtime. When there's work to be done, Leonardo has a truck bed big enough for heavy hero haulin'. And when there's fightin' to be done, Leonardo has kowabunga katana blades for Foot fricasseein' - and his horn and handle Mutate into one slammin' jumpin' jack hammer! With help from his construction buddies, Michelangelo and Donatello, Construction Leonardo has no problem gettin' a load of gravel and dumpin' it off. And if the Foot dare to make tracks in the wet cement, Leonardo Mutates into his usual Foot flatternin', fightin' foreman self. Like all good Mutatin' Ninjas', Leonardo's armed with a complete set of Mutatin', maulin' machinery, like his Turtle dump truck's hero airhorns, powerful poundin' jack hammer and his body bangin' bodacious bumper. When the Foot all fall down, Leonardo loads 'em up and hauls 'em out. You can be sure that with his trusty truck 'n tools, Construcion Leonardo will be workin' long hot hours... with only a few breaks for pizza!"


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