"The Bodacious Bulldozer and Ditch Diggin' Dude!"

Vital Constructistics:

Accessories - Battle Bo/Radical Road Barrier Rollbar  Handheld Drill Driver/Wacky Winch and Mutant Motor

Favorite Material: Sewer Sludge

Favorite Food: Foundation Fondue

Favorite Surface: Green Granite


"Two scoops is all it takes for Construction Donatello to get a good start on a job. He steamrolls into work, ready to build and bulldoze till the sun goes down. This happy, wacky worker doesn't know the meanin' of quitting time, cuz he's equipped with so much equipment, it makes his job easy! And bein' able to Mutate into the biggest, baddest bulldozer doesn't hurt either. After he pulls off the workin' winch and attaches the plug-in Mutant motor, Donatello's decked out with a heavy handheld drill driver - perfect for diggin' deep holes for layin' foundations and Foot fillin'. He likes to pile 'em six Foot soldiers deep (FSD). When the action turns one-on-one, Donatello's got one of the most powerful poles he's ever had - the notorious battle bo, which also Mutates into the bulldozer's radical barrier rollbar. And to really bull 'em over, Donatello Mutates into one big, bad bruisin' bulldozer. We're talkin' a stainless steel sewer gravel scoop and construction treaded tires. Of course, if the action turns too hot - or the work load gets too heavy - Donatello can depend on his kowabunga co-workers, Leonardo and Michaelangelo. Whether he's his hero self or Mutated into a bodacious bulldozer, Construction Donatello's a mighty Mutant who can get the job done - even if it requires overtime! "


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