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The Coming Out Of Their Shells Tour was a live musical tour that occurred in 1990 starting August 17. It was endorsed and sponsored by Pizza Hut. The very first showing of the tour was broadcast live on Pay-Per-View. A VHS recording of the broadcast was made available, as was a soundtrack. The tour is generally lambasted for its terrible costumes and wafer-thin plot. The band featured Donatello on keys, Leonardo on bass guitar, Michelangelo on guitar/lead vocals & Raphael on drums/percussion/tenor saxophone/vocals. Guest vocalists include Master Splinter, April O'Neil, and The Shredder.

A spin-off from this concert lead to a smaller concert set called "Getting Down in Your Town".


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The Ninja Turtles have decided to travel around the world to meet their fans face to face. Singing songs they wrote such as "Coming Out of Our Shells", "Pizza Power", "Skipping Stones", "Walk Straight", and "Tubin'". Though while the Turtles are enjoying their time singing and dancing for the fans, Shredder decides to make an attempt to stop the Turtles from making people happy. Shredder, with the help of Baxter Stockman comes forth with his De-Harmonic Convergence Converter. Using this device they will steal all the music in the world; it also weakens the Turtles if they stand in front of it. Once Shredder arrives on stage with the De-Harmonic Controller the Turtles have to retreat and come up with a plan to save the day.



The tracklist of the soundtrack is as follows:

Album Cover


A single was released, its extremely hard to find however. Some dine-in Pizza Huts that have jukeboxes had the single to promote the soundtrack and tour.

Tracks Not Included on Soundtrack

Also used in the tour but not included on the soundtrack

Tracks Not Included On VHS

These tracks appear on the soundtrack but not on the VHS, but later added to the "Getting Down in Your Town" concerts.


The band had made special appearances on:

  • Live! With Regis & Kathie Lee (aired Sept. 24, 1990)
  • Larry King Live
  • Oprah Winfrey Show



Beau Allen as The Shredder





April O'Neil

  • Sherie Rene Scott (Original run, was replaced by an unknown actress during the tour's second run)



Baxter Stockman

Kip Reading


Home Releases

  • Coming Out of Their Shells The Concert (VHS 1990, 90 mins.). Full concert live set at Radio City Music Hall, New York City.
  • The Making of Coming Out of Their Shells (VHS 1990, 30 mins.). In depth documentary and behind the scene look how the concerts were arranged and set up. Also see the story behind why the Turtles decided to use musical instruments. Note: This documentary is set up as if the concert and Turtles are real.


  • Kip (during the PPV preshow): There's no need to be buggin' when it's a Ninja Turtle you're huggin'!
  • (During the preshow, April is trying to get the Turtles out of their dressing room for an interview)
  • Michelangelo (in a woman's falsetto): Oh April, we're not dressed yet. Ha ha!
  • Raphael: Yeah, we're out of our shells!
  • Michelangelo: "Sometimes you feel like a foot, and sometimes, you don't!"... Uh.....what?
  • Donatello (beating up Foot Soldiers with the bo staff): This is the one thing that bo don't know! Get it, bo?

[NOTE: The following exchange only appeared on the Live Pay-Per-View broadcast. It was edited out of the VHS release]

  • Kip (interviewing random kids during intermission): Doesn't Shredder scare you a little bit?
  • Random Boy: No!
  • Kip: Boy, he scares me! What does he even look like? He looks kinda silly doesn't he?
  • Random Boy: I'd say he looked better in the movie!
  • Kip (Trying to hold back laughing): Oh, ya did?
  • Kip: Did you see Shredder?
  • Raphael: Duh!
  • Michelangelo: Of course, we were up there fighting him! Aw, god!
  • Shredder: Oh....shut. UP.

[NOTE: The following exchange appears exclusively on the VHS Tape]

  • Shredder: *pointing to kid in audience* What's your name?
  • Kid: Peter!
  • Shredder: that your sister?
  • Kid: Cousin!
  • Shredder: Cousin? What's the matter, couldn't get a date?
  • Shredder: Ah, Flo and Eddie. I hate these Turtles much as I hate the Ninja Turtles!      
  • Shredder: Does anyone want a New Kids On The Block album?
  • (Girls in the audience can be heard screaming)
  • Shredder (Throwing the album in his music destroyer): I hear they're breaking up!


  • There was a special behind-the-scenes VHS made of this show called "The Making of: The Coming Out of Their Shells Tour."
  • The tour's very first show at Radio City Music Hall was broadcast live on Pay-Per-View. The broadcast was released on VHS, though it was edited. The Pay-Per-View showing contained a pre-show made to look like Channel Six were the ones broadcasting the concert live, with reporter Kip Reading  giving some back story on why the Turtles started a band (Including a "home movie" of Raphael and Michelangelo writing and practicing the studio version of "Coming Out of Their Shells"  in the sewer, which was only shown during the pre show) and explaining that Donatello created all the Turtles' instruments and that they could be set to play by themselves (As an excuse as to why the music would keep playing i even if the Turtles weren't seen playing them). They also showed April warming up the audience as well as her going around the lobby asking kids who their favorite turtle was. This pre-show was removed from the VHS release. During the intermission, an extra scene with Kip interviewing the kids on the second floor of the lobby was removed (Probably because of the one quote listed above. Instead, the VHS just cuts from the end of the first act to Kip on the ground floor of the lobby. As a result Kip is also given no introduction on the VHS), as well as ads that were played to give the pay-per-view audience something to watch while Kip moved from the Radio City lobby to his scene with the Turtles in the basement (The most strangest of these ads was an environmental awareness one with a spinning Mother Earth with a human face bashing us for tearing down the rain forest and such).
  • Kip Reading only appeared in-person during the Pay-Per-View broadcast because the main point of the character was to entertain the live audience before the show and during the intermission. Kip's scenes with him stumbling around looking for the Turtles and his meeting with them was just for the live broadcast and VHS tape. On the actual tour, Kip was only shown twice using pre-recorded footage of him in the Channel Six newsroom; once to introduce April before her preshow audience warm-up, and later in the second act when Shredder stole his voice.
  • Most of the songs were lip-synced but on occasion the normal voice actors would speak during the song.
  • After the tour's first run, it then went out on a second run of smaller cities. However, the show was scaled down due to a reduced budget. April was played by a different actress, and the only characters that appeared on stage were the Turtles, April, Shredder, and Baxter. Splinter was only shown on the stage monitors in footage shot for the second run. The giant prop for Shredder's machine was too expensive to carry around on the smaller budget and was reduced to just the small console on stage. All extra characters that would randomly appear on stage and dance with the Turtles did not appear. Most notably, the hula dancing alligators (See below in Trivia) were replaced with Leonardo and Donatello in grass skirts.


Coming Out of Their Shells/Gallery


Continuity Errors

  • During the Pay-Per-View broadcast preshow, Kip mentions that they have a "home movie" of the Turtles writing and practicing their first song, which is shown to be Raph and Mike writing the studio version of "Coming Out of Their Shells" in the sewer (Mike is shown writing the lyrics on a Pizza Hut box before Raph sings the song). However, in the actual show Mike says the first song they wrote was "Pizza Power."
  • Shredder says that to prevent the audience from leaving the building, "he's locked all the doors." Obviously, in reality that wasn't true and people could still walk out.

Costume/Special Effect Errors

  • Shredder's mouthpiece is actually below his mouth, making it quite visible. This might have been intentional as the audience mightn't understand him talking through a closed mouthpiece, but it looks very odd. More-so when it makes the fact that the actor playing him is trying not to laugh that much more apparent.
  • There are black spot splatters all over the Turtles' stage costumes. Not only is this a continuity error with the smooth green costumes we see in the behind the scenes footage, but it looks less organic, and more like somebody sprayed ink all over their heads.
  • The backstage costumes don't fare much better. While the stage costumes have their problems, at least they were limber enough to move around freely. This set, on the other hand, is stiff, cause the actors to lean awkwardly to one side, and have a problem where the Turtles' mouths continue to hang open.

Production Errors

  • There were times when the Turtles would appear on stage, and the music would begin before the Turtles started to play their instruments (In the Pay-Per-View broadcast preshow, Kip mentioned that Donatello rigged the instruments to play on their own as an excuse to get around this).
  • There are way too many times where a Turtle would talk or sing, but his mouth would either stay shut, move completely out of sync with the words, or remain completely open.
  • The colors of Mike and Raph's bandannas made it difficult for some people to tell them apart. Luckily, they wear big, black armbands with their initials on them during the show.
  • During the show's scaled-down second run, the Foot Soldiers were absent, leaving Shredder and Baxter as the only on-stage villains. During the part where the Turtles are supposed to fight the Foot Soldiers, the dialogue for the fight still played, but all the Turtles did was just walk back and forth across the stage spouting their one-liners despite not fighting anyone.

Logic Errors

  • When Michelangelo tells Leonardo that "There's no need to be bugging'!" he strums his microphone on his guitar, producing some notes. However, the way he's rubbing it can't possibly produce those chords (or any at all, since he's basically moving the microphone along the string.)
  • Leonardo plays a one-string bass which would make it impossible for him to play more then one cord.


  • There was a second tour in continuity with this called the "Getting Down in Your Town" tour, which was featured (mostly) in Six Flags amusement parks, Public Malls, and County Fairs all across the US in 1993. A new character featured was good old Casey Jones. Who rides around on a scooter, shoots the audience with his water pistol, and gives all the kids high-fives, and while it's unknown who he was played as, he was classified as having the same looks and feel as the Casey from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990 film) (expect with unshaven arm pits).
    • On that note, on the VHS tape of that tour, tons of changes we're done due to Union reasons, most of the lines and songs from the actual shows we're cut out, Casey had to keep his mask on the whole time, there were less energy from the actors and actual show, and it had to be filmed in a closed location only specifically for the VHS tape.
    • and on a side-note, the Song from the "Coming Out of Our Shells" tour album, Sing About It, was performed in this show, since the first show didn't perform the song, just played part of it when they were showing the scene where Splinter is telling the Turtles on the Heart of Music
  • A VHS recording of the show's Pay-Per-View broadcast was available. In the middle of the show, a reporter (not April) interviewed kids asking about the Turtles' whereabouts. David Ruphrect of Supermarket Sweep (1990) played the reporter.
  • There were apparently two sets of Turtle costumes made for this production. One was used for the behind the scenes footage (the ones that leaned awkwardly) and the other set (the ones without the shells) was used for the show.
  • Splinter is the one who sings "Skipping Stones" during the concert.
  • Leonardo & Splinter are the only characters in the tour to have the same voice actors as in the 1987 cartoon series.
  • Splinter's right ear is partially missing as homage to the Splinter from the first two live action movies.
  • In the song "No Treaties" Raph starts the song using Shredder's voice filter.
  • Shredder mentions "Krang" and "Technodrome" as key words from the 1987 cartoon series.
  • There are two studio versions of Coming Out Of Their Shells, one is the slow version, the other, a rock version.
  • During "Tubin", one of the gator's tail gets caught in the elevated sewer on the stage as they come up and right when they walk.
  • The second set of the turtle costumes (the backstage costumes) were also used in some of the toy commercials.
  • Raphael played both the drums and the sax. Recording the studio soundtrack, it's possible for him to play both instruments in a same song using split-track recording, or track dubbing, however, since the fact the music played is actually pre-recorded, the need for having both instruments was rendered null (In the Pay-Per-View preshow, Kip mentioned that the drum set had an "automatic saxophone.")


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