Armored Assault Motorcycles For Banzai Battles!

Choose a weapon, snap the battle armor shields over your bike’s back tires, strap on your helmet, kick-start your Combat Cruiser and race off to the front lines in the ongoing battle against the forces of Shredder and the Foot!

Banzai Biker, Samurai Soldier, Ninja Turtle – Combat Cruiser Michelangelo is decked out in his biker best, ready to whup every vile villain, bad boy and punk pest! Combat Cruiser Michelangelo – wise-crackin’ mutant joke-meister, ninjitsu nunchaku-knocker, and now the most rip-roarin’ reptile road warrior of them all!


  • Two Nunchakus
  • Helmet
  • Missiles
  • Rim Covers for the Rear Wheels
  • Rack of Miscellaneous Weapons


  • Rotating and Hinged Hips
  • Rotating and Hinged Shoulders
  • Rotating Elbows
  • Rotating Wrists
  • Ball Jointed Neck


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