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In Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Amazing Adventures, Dr. Cluckingsworth is a mutant chicken with a giant brain. She cannot speak but is super-intelligent, and is an ally of the turtles.

This version of Dr. Cluckingsworth is branched off from her original version in the 2012 TV series. Her history before the events of Amazing Adventures is the same as that of her animated version.


In "Zodiac", Cluckingsworth is one of several mutants brainwashed by the Zodiac Key in the service of Tetsumi Onamota, who calls himself Zodiac. Cluckingsworth leaves North Hampton and comes to New York City, where her unusual appearance is reported by eyewitnesses. Donatello uses his mutagen tracker to locate her, finding her at the docks chasing Fishface out of a warehouse and into the water. Cluckingsworth then uses her psychic powers to stun the turtles, and Tetsumi arrives and explains to her that these are not the mutants he is searching for. Cluckingsworth remains one of Tetsumi's minions for the rest of the story, until Splinter and the turtles break the Zodiac Key, freeing the minions from Tetsumi's control.


  • Cluckingsworth's psychic powers are new to Amazing Adventures, and she was not shown to possess them in the TV series.


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