Claw Shredder figure
The Crustacean Clone!

Vital Statistics

Vehicle of Choice: Anything with a huge steering wheel
Weapon of Choice: Its claw glove and harpoon
Birthplace: Foot Genetics Lab
Height: 5′ 9″
Weight: 195 lbs.
Age: Unknown
Previous Form: Cells, crustaceans, creepiness

Created in the Foot Genetics Lab, this Shredder clone has been crossed and enhanced with crustacean DNA, giving it monstrous claw hands and a crabby attitude! With its cybernetic claw glove giving it added firepower, you’d better put your protective bib on – this is one lobster-lobed villain that refuses to go down easy! These are claws that won’t be cracked open – but will do the cracking!

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