Birthday leo
The Noise-Makin’ Sewer party Star!

Vital Birthtistics

Accessories: Kowabunga Customizin’ Name Sheet, Mutant Noisemaker Mouthpiece, Pizza Cake, Birthday Bib, Party Horn
Favorite Noise: Party Razzers
Favorite Birthday Activity: Noise Making
Favorite Birthday Dude: The loudest

It’s a party and Classic Party Reptile Leo is set to make some noise. This party-hardy hard shelled hero is ready for anything as long as he has his Mutant noisemaker. And if the Foot just happen to crash your shin-dig, just let Leo loose with his party horn and stand back as he plays a game of pin the Foot to the floor. If that doesn’t impress you then check out the kowabunga custom name sheet. That’s right, this Turtle is for you and only you, so go ahead and put your name on Leo’s birthday bib. Keep it cool and party on with Classic Party Reptile Leo, just don’t let him eat all the frosting off your pizza. Happy birthday dude!

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