Clownin' Mike
The Joke Tellin’, Pie-throwin’ Party Animal!

Vital Birthtistics

Accessories: Kowabunga Customizin’ Name Sheet, Sock-it-to-’em Sock, Birthday Balloons, Cherry Pie Bomb, Stilt-extendo Legs
Favorite Day of the Year: Today
Favorite Birthday Dude: What’s your name again?
Favorite Expression: Your face when you unwrapped him

Mike makes merry for your bodacious b-day! Don’t let the silly nose and big feet fool ya, Mike’s ready to take on any party poopers or Foot fools. Mike’s armed with silly side-slappers like the sock-it-to-’em sock and birthday balloons – and he’s not afraid to use ‘em. And when the ice cream and cake start loading up the table, just pull down Mike’s stilt-extendo legs so he can see what’s going on. And if that’s not cool enough for you, check out the kowabunga customizin’ name sheet. That’s right, this Turtle is for you and only you, so go ahead and put your name on Mike’s birthday balloons. And remember you’re not just another year older – you’re another Turtle richer. Happy birthday dude!

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