Clash of the Mutanimals
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012 TV series) episode
Season Code: 316
Episode: 68
Original airdate May 3, 2015
Written by Henry Gilroy
Directed by Michael Chang
Voice Direction Andrea Romano
Supervising Director  Ciro Nieli
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"The Noxious Avenger" "Meet Mondo Gecko"

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Season 3
October 3, 2014 - September 27,2015
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"Clash of the Mutanimals" is the sixteenth episode of the third season of the 2012 TV series, and is the sixty-eighth episode overall in the series. It first aired on May 3rd, 2015.


With his mind-control serum near completion, the Shredder captures and experiments on the Mighty Mutanimals.


Major Characters

Minor Characters


The episode opens at the docks, where two mercenaries known as the Fulci Twins drove here to meet up with Tiger Claw, who is trading a case of money for the final ingredient for Shredder's mind control serum. Slash along with the other Mutanimals, interrupts the exchange. The twins fire at them, causing a fight between Tiger Claw and the Mutanimals. The twins quickly make their getaway with the cash. Tiger Claw easily defeats them all. Both Tiger Claw and the Foot quickly make off with both Slash and Rockwell, leaving both Pigeon Pete and Leatherhead behind.

Meanwhile, back at the Turtles lair, Mikey points out the fact the cartoon shows that the turtles watches, somehow to relate to their missions in real life. Leo quickly dismisses as reading too much into a cartoon show. Raph hears all this while punching his training dummy and says that their next mission should be taking out the Shredder. Both Leo and Mikey tease the fact that Raphael is overacting, leading the hot tempered turtle to attack them. Donnie who was in the lab, finishes repairing the Shellraiser, heard a loud crash, drawing him outside. Thinking that Raph has finally blown a gasket, Don is about to focus on the hothead when Leatherhead suddenly appears.

He informs the turtles that Slash and Rockwell have been captured by Tiger Claw. Just then Pigeon Pete appears. Pete starts looking around the lair in awe, saying that the only thing its missing is bread. Mikey says that they have something better than bread; pizza crusts. Pete tries it, and he instantly loves it. Raph complains as to why Tiger Claw didn't take Pete instead, given the bird's annoying nature. Leo reminds Raph that he is still not in very good terms with Slash either, but they are still their friends and that they will rescue them.

At Stockman's lab, Shredder checks on Karai when Tiger Claw arrives. He obtained the chemical serum. Baxter informs Shredder that this is the final ingredient he needs to finish his mind control formula for Karai. But Shredder instants that to test the serum on the captured mutants first before using it on Karai. Which Baxter agrees, in case there are unexpected side effects. Both Slash and Rockwell are not willing at all with being used as experiments for Shredder's mind control serum, and resist. Slash secretly works on cutting one of the straps holding him with shell, so that he can bust out later and escape, but his plans are put on hold when Stockman demonstrates just how he plans to administer the serum. Fusing the formula into some special, mind-control worms, Stockman picks one up and focuses it towards Slash, making the turtle cry out in pain.

Outside Shredder's hideout, the Turtles, Leatherhead, and Pete are arguing about the best way to save Rockwell and Slash, when suddenly the two mutants come racing out of the building on their own, obviously successful in executing their own escape. However, as they run, an army of Foot-Bots chases behind them, which the Turtles and the rest of the Mutanimal team quickly take out to aid Rockwell and Slash. Noticing that the two aren't looking so well, Donnie suggests that they take Rockwell and Slash back to the lair pronto.

Once Slash and Rockwell are there, they were treated to soup by Splinter. Raph's glad that both Slash and Rockwell are alright, but Mikey suspects that something's off about them. Rockwell confirms his suspicions by remembering that he and Slash were experimented on by Shredder. Slash explains about the worms, but never got a chance to say anything more before he have a headache. Splinter was about to get some water when Slash suddenly knocks him to the ground hard. Both Leo and Raph blocks Slash's next attack and push him away from Splinter. As Raph takes care of Slash, both Leo and Donnie check up on Splinter. But as they're close, both of them got lifted from the ground by Rockwell's psychic powers.

As the Turtles, Leatherhead and Pete are defeated by Slash and Rockwell, Raph got back up to fight them again, only to end up getting taken away. Both Leo and Leatherhead tried to open the lab door, with Mikey telling Splinter he and Donnie can stay with him. But Splinter reassures he'll be fine and that saving Raph is the top priority now. As soon as Leatherhead rams the door open, the Party Wagon's stolen by Slash and Rockwell for their escape. Luckily, the Shellraiser is operational again as they try to chase after them. But the Shellraiser got off course after it slipped on the oil the Party Wagon released. As Slash and Rockwell got away with Raph, Donnie mentioned that they at least know where they're heading. Leo admits that now they have to do what Raph wanted after all; take the fight to Shredder.

Raph awakens to find himself being strapped down in Stockman's lab, both Rockwell and Slash standing next to him. He tries to break free, just as Baxter takes out another one of the Mind-Worms. Raph argues that he's lousy at taking orders, but Stockman still brings the worm close as Raph's head is being held by Slash. The worm is placed right in between Raph's eyes before drilling its way into his head, making Raph scream in agonizing pain.

As Leo commands the remaining Turtles and Mutanimals to barge into Shredder's lair without a plan, Raph was thrown into a room where Shredder awaits him. Excited to fight him Raph tried to attack Shredder, only to stop due to the mind-control serum now streaming into him. Shredder commands Raph to attack him, and told him to stop once Raph is about to launch the killing blow to him. That's when the others show up and Leo told Raph to finish Shredder off. But to their horror, they discovered that Raph is now fully under Shredder's control along with Rockwell and Slash. Raph walks up to a giant skull on the wall, place his hands into the eye holes, and withdrew it back, now armed with another set of the Shredder's gauntlets.

Leo attacks Shredder, but was blocked by Raph. Leo tells him to snap out of it and that Shredder's the enemy. But Raph just takes a fighting stance and said, "You are the enemy" before charging towards Leo. Shredder watch the fighting as Slash, Rockwell, Baxter and Tiger Claw goes up against one of the remaining four mutants; Slash against Leatherhead, Baxter against Pete, Rockwell against Donnie, and Tiger Claw against Mikey. Leo keeps trying to get through to Raph, and finally notice that he couldn't feel emotions since Raph's now Shredder's puppet. The insults manage to get Raph mad, resulting in the Mind-Worms being spit out of him.

Shredder ask Stockman what is going on, with the Mutant Fly admitting he doesn't know. Donnie compliments Leo on discovering the way to get rid of the mind-control serum and starts insulting Rockwell. Once Rockwell's freed, he use his psychic powers to blast the worm out of Slash. It was then Shredder decided to end the experiment by going up against all of the Turtles and the Mutanimals single-handedly. One by one, each of the mutants are defeated by Shredder with only Leo and Raph left. As the two Turtles are bout to be defeated by Shredder, Slash and Leatherhead pushed down one of the statues on him. But the eight mutants only have a moment of peace before Foot-Bots flooded into the room, with Tiger Claw getting back up to his feet. Raph wants to fight some more, but Leo told him that they'll do it another time. All four Turtles throw a smoke bomb, giving them and the Mutanimals a getaway. Tiger Claw commands the Foot-bots to move the statue, revealing the Shredder safely hidden underneath it. He got out of the hole and screams in anger at his defeat.

Back at the lair, Slash and Rockwell stand before Splinter, Slash offering him some tea and apologize for their actions. Splinter said there is nothing to forgive and that it's Shredder's doing, not theirs. Rockwell thank the others for saving them with Mikey saying it's good to have Raph back. Raph said it's all thanks to Leo, with the eldest Turtle saying that they needed Raph since every team needs a hothead like him in it. That got Raph growling as he stands before Leo, making him feel a bit nervous. But then to Leo's shock, Raph grabs him in a tight hug, with Leo smiling at him.


There is no kitchen
Tumblr n1ia65YECb1rj6kxdo3 1280
  • In a scene just after Slash assaults Splinter, the camera is angled in such a way that the inside of the "kitchen" can be seen from outside its cloth room divider. But instead of the 3D model associated with the actual kitchen, the scene shows a shallow dead-end wall just behind the divider. The series never actually shows the 3D model of the kitchen interior intersecting with the 3D model of the lair's common area; the kitchen's location impossibly overlaps with part of the subway tunnel.
  • During the scene where Slash was struggling to get the Brain Worm out of him, the "S" in his belt had disappeared.


  • The title for this episode references the 1981 ancient Greek adventure film and its 2010 remake Clash of the Titans
  • Crognard's message at the end of his cartoon episode was a nod to He-Man's lessons.
  • Michelangelo realized how similar the episodes of Crognard The Barbarian are similar to their missions.
  • The plot of using mind-controlling worms to turn protagonists into sleeper agents (until the worms can be expelled), is virtually identical to a similar plot used in the 1982 film Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.



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