Clark Ashton Allard
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Mirage Studios

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Men of Shadow

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A.C. Farley

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Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

Clark Ashton Allard is a centuries-old, seemingly immortal man with powerful technology and aspirations of being a hero. When Casey Jones and April O'Neil were taken captive with nearly everyone else in the University of Massachusetts by a group of undead vampires seeking an artifact, Allard made his entrance just as the Turtles made theirs. The Turtles and Allard went on to stake and behead almost all the vampires within, then parted ways. Captured while he recuperated in one of his hideouts by Master Traquer, the leader of the Massachusetts vampires, he was taken to Innsmouth, where the vampires were preparing to bring the being Dagon into their dimension. Joined by the Turtles and Casey Jones, he was able to close the gateway from the other side by tossing the artifact they used to summon Dagon into Dagon's mouth. He disappeared then, believed sucked into the gateway with the Dagon, but in fact he only transported back to another hideout of his.


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