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City at War is one of the longest, most important story arcs in TMNT history. City at War is a thirteen-part story arc in the Mirage TMNT comic book series.


After the victory of the Ninja Turtles over the Shredder, New York has been thrown into a faction war: the factions of the New York Foot Clan, who themselves want to become dominate, are in a fierce battle with the Shredder's still loyal Foot Elite, that threatens to tear the city apart. Even the Turtles are not capable of halting the escalating violence, and their own family is beginning to fall apart. Since emerging from Japan a woman named Karai, the leader of the Japanese group of Foot, arrives in New York and provides the Turtles a deal: peace with the Foot in return for the aid, of destroying the Shredder Elite...


In other media

2003 series

The City at War series was adopted with some changes in the second season of the 2003 animated series, in the episodes:

Written fiction

In the wake of the 2003 series marketing publisher Simon & Schuster published a novel under the title City at War in 2005 as part of its franchise children's books program. It is based on the 2003 "City at War" - episode trilogy and was written by Michael Teitelbaum and illustrated by Chris George and Mike Giles.

IDW Comics

In the IDW Comics a similar story arc to City of War happens titled City Fall, in which the Foot Clan begins a territorial war against the Savate Ninja and the local Mafia gangs, which has its origin in a failed ceasefire negotiation between the Foot and the Savates.

There was later a storyline properly named City at War.

2012 series

City at War is episode 93 of the 2012 TV series, but the entire second half of season 4 takes cues from the arc.

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