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The Turtles race against time to save one of their own, but beset by obstacles on all sides—including the Earth Protection Force and the tide of approaching battle between two warring ninja clans—will they be too late?

Appearing in City at War, part 3 (IDW)

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In Harold Lilja's laboratory, Harold and Libby prep the gravely injured Jennika for ooze treatment whilst Donatello and Lindsey consult April via teleconference on the usage of the ooze. Lindsey had been only to grab one vial due to Hob keeping most of it it locked up in case she were to steal some, but April assures her that she has more than was given to her father.

Meanwhile, Casey, Angel, Alopex, Michelangelo, and Leonardo await Jenny's recovery and discuss Raphael's decision to bow out and join the Mutanimals.

Lindsey begins administering the ooze to Jenny, and it seems to be working. Suddenly, Harold's security breach alarm goes off, and Metalhead crashes in, grabbing Don by the neck. The Earth Protection Force infiltrate as well, with Leo, Mike, Angel, Alopex, and Casey ready to fight.

Harold prepares to hit Metalhead with a blaster, but the robot blasts it before he can get to it. Libby tells Lindsey to watch Jenny while she runs to get something, but immediately as she is leaving, Metalhead shoots at her, missing but hitting the ooze. Donatello loses his temper and assaults his robotic doppelgänger as Jennika's life ebbs. Libby arrives in her exo-suit and blasts Metalhead, introducing herself as being in charge of security.

Back in the lab's girage, Lilja's security system activates and assists the group with blasters rising out of the floor. Libby blasts Metalhead through the wall, and Donatello carries Jennika to the van, telling the others to get straight the van and head through the portal while Libby holds off Metalhead. Michelangelo drives the van straight through, and Libby destroys the portal after they've gone through to prevent Metalhead from following. Harold sets off a thermite grenade and destroys his computer to hide the coordinates that he sent them to. Unfortunately, Bishop then arrives and arrests Harold and Libby for aiding and abetting "known mutant terrorists."

At Baxter Stockman's campaign headquarters, April is unable to reach Donatello on the phone and begins worrying, but is interrupted by a campaign worker who says the news crew is there to interview Baxter. When April goes to get his attention, she witnesses Null, Krisa, and Zodi in his office, with Zodi instructing Stockman to listen to Null.

The Turtle Van arrives in the Turtles' first lair. Donatello says it's the only coordinates he could think of on the fly, but since Metalhead shares his mind, he will come for them sooner rather than later, and they need to get somewhere Metalhead wouldn't know. Angel suggests heading to the Skara Brae. Since they'll need to get there without being noticed by the EPF or Karai, the group is split into teams to gather up the Purple Dragons and make sure the coast is clear. Leo wants to take Mikey to get some Foot Ninja, but Don says he needs Leo there. Casey insists on staying, but Angel and Alopex convince him to head out. Mikey goes to fetch Raph and tell him he's needed.

With all of them gone, Don reveals that he needed Leo for; they can't afford to take the mental toll that a blood transfusion will do to him, and they need to get some ooze/mutagen into Jenny, stat. The transfusion begins and starts to heal Jennika, but it also mutates her into a turtle.



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