Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

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As battle lines are drawn in the criminal underworld of New York City, Old Hob takes his mission to the next level, and he’ll have unexpected help from one of the TMNT!

Appearing in part 2

Major characters

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  • Humans
  • Homunculi
  • Mutant aligator
  • Mutant cat
  • Mutant gecko
  • Mutant hermit crab
  • Mutant lion
  • Mutant manta ray
  • Mutant pigeon
  • Mutant rat
  • Mutant scorpion
  • Mutant snake
  • Mutant turtles
  • Protoceratops
  • Robots


Objects and vehicles


  • For the first time, Agent John Bishop is revealed to now know the location of the Turtles' lair in the church's bunker after Metalhead revealed its location to him. Bishop's Earth Protection Force had previously almost triangulated the lair's location during the Christmas Special when a coincidental widespread power failure caused by Donatello's Christmas lights thwarted Bishop's search efforts. Past outside discoveries of the lair either led to its permanent abandonment (during Baxter Stockman and Old Hob's Mouser assault on the first lair during the Enemies Old, Enemies New story arc), an uneasy truce with the discoverer (after Hob discovered the church lair during the City Fall arc), partial destruction and temporary abandonment (after Stockman had his Flyborgs raid the church as a favor to the Shredder during the Vengeance arc), and another uneasy truce (after the Turtles and April O'Neil struck a détente with Stockman in The War to Come arc). The lair has been fitted with an automated security system of Donatello's design since Prelude to Dimension X.
  • On page 7, when the playroom of the children of Saint Robert's Orphanage is shown, some of the children are watching Steven Universe, with the character Greg Universe shown on screen.
  • Splinter's summary execution of Lupo is the first successful assassination he has been portrayed ordering since he ordered Jennika to kill Darius Dun in the story arc Chasing Phantoms. That previous execution was the event that alienated Splinter's sons from him for an entire year in-universe. But this time, his sons were not informed of the killing or present to witness it.
  • Raphael is the second of the Turtles to independently join the Mutanimals, after Michelangelo's brief membership during the Order from Chaos story arc whose events led to both Mikey and Slash permanently quitting the Mutanimals and Mikey and Old Hob developing a lasting mutual loathing of each other. Hob had previously been responsible for separating Raph from his family during the earliest stages of their mutation in the Change is Constant arc when non-mutant Hob snatched and tried to eat non-mutant Raph, and subsequently Raph was the Turtle most openly disdainful of Hob. But Raph was tortured by the EPF in his own Macro-Series issue, leaving him with lasting posttraumatic stress that Hob recognized and related with in City at War, part 1. This allowed the two to find new common ground and shared goals.

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