For the 2003 TV series episode, see City at War, Part 1 (2003 episode).

Some TMNT stuff was always meant for grownups.

The first part of City at War.

Mirage Studios Volume 1 > Issue # 50
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Splinter meditates in the woods of Northampton.

A Foot Ninja plants a bomb in Morph's Adult Novelties, a sex shop in New York City.

An old man gets back to his ragged apartment, above the sex shop, and begins to watch the world news, which is filled with depressing stories.

Casey Jones is packing his bags. As he picks up a photograph of himself with April and the Turtles, he focuses his view onto O'Neil and then throws the picture angrily against the wall, breaking the glass of the frame.

April is startled awake. She's seated at an airport waiting area.

The Turtles prepare to leave Casey's farm in Northampton, Massachusetts.

April boards her flight to Los Angeles.

Casey finishes packing, but before he leaves, he picks up the broken frame and retrieves the photo.

The old man in the apartment eats his dinner as he watches the news.

Everyone is feeling isolated, upset and unhappy.

Cut to New York City, where we see a gang of Foot Soldiers beneath a bridge. As one advances, he is quickly slain by a Foot Elite who appears out of nowhere. The Elite proceeds to kill all of the remaining Foot, hunting the last one who flees to the City's rooftops. The retreating Soldier slips on the ledge of building, but is saved by the Elite. As the underling pleads for his life, the Elite beheads him with his own blade.

Casey fires up his Chevy and heads out.

April's flight lifts off.

The TMNT stow away on the roof of a bus, making their way back to the Big Apple.

Splinter continues his meditation.

The old man continues to watch the television, growing more morose as the news of the world appears to get more grim.

The bomb in the sex shop explodes, sending shards of metal, stone, glass and humanity into the night sky.

Splinter continues to meditate.



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