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The battle for control of New York City begins! As the city splinters into different human, mutant, and ninja factions, the TMNT find themselves in the middle of the chaos! Eight years of storytelling have led to this!

Appearing in City at War, part 1 (IDW)

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On Planet Neutrino, Zak handily beats Kala in a game of cards while Professor Honeycutt and Dask compile a report on Krang's trial. Honeycutt muses that he'll join their game after his work is complete, when suddenly he notices trouble is on its way.

Meanwhile at Foot Headquarters, Splinter and Jennika discuss security strategy, with Splinter stressing the importance of keeping the orphans safe.

Leonardo and Michelangelo test the Church's new security system, while Raphael grumbles to himself. Donatello, Harold, and Libby install some tech into the Turtle Van. Leo asks Raph why he's still there when he ordered him to coordinate a safe zone between the church and Mighty Mutanimals Headquarters, and Raph unloads on him that he's not going to always do what Leo tells him to, and tells him he's tired of always having to struggle and watch his back before storming out.

On the Brooklyn shoreline, Karai and her crew storm the home of mob boss Antonio Puzorelli. Making their way through Puzorelli's security detail, Karai confronts him and tells him to turn against Splinter and join her in taking the rat on, telling him he'll never have to pay tribute to the Foot Clan again if he does. If he refuses, however, she tells him the Oroku Clan will crush everything he holds precious in the world.

Casey and Jennika stop by Baxter Stockman's mayoral campaign headquarters to check up on April, who Splinter worries may be targeted by Karai. Casey and April have an awkward chat before the former and Jennika go to split to check on the Turtles, but they are interrupted by a note attached to an arrow; Karai has requested to meet with Jennika.

Raph visits Mutanimals HQ, actually doing what Leo had told him and securing a safe zone. Hob mocks his efforts and points out that he's acting unusual. Before Raph can retort, he gets an emergency text from Leo telling him to go to the lair.

Jennika tells the team that Karai wants her to attend a "humans only" meeting on "neutral ground" to discuss a truce. Casey and Angel plan on accompanying her, but with the new stealth technology in the Turtle Van, Don says the Turtles and Alopex can safely keep an eye on them.

Jennika and Karai meet up at FDR Drive and East 36th Street. Karai attempts to persuade Jennika to turn against Splinter and join her, but she refuses. When Karai asks if Jennika would die for him and she responds saying she would, Karai complies by stabbing her through the chest with the Kira no Ken. Casey and Angel run interference while Leo and Alopex help bring Jenny into the van. Ocho suddenly appears from underground and covers Karai and Natsu's escape.

The Turtles and company flee in the van to get Jennika to a hospital, but they are blocked by Bludgeon and Koya. Raph guns the van and heads straight for them, and the two mutants leap out of the way just in time to avoid being hit.



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