Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

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Bebop "Awww, check 'em out..."

Bebop "...They look so sad, Rocksteady."

Rocksteady "Yeah..."

Rocksteady "...Almost like these chumps ain't too happy to see us, huh, Bebop?"


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Hun "That any way to greet your old man? Pointin' that bat at me like you wanna bust my skull open?"

Hun "I ain't gonna lie to you, Casey—that hurts."

Casey Jones "Shut up, Dad—I don't wanna hear it. I put up with your crap for years."

Casey "Hurt? You don't even know what hurt means."

Hun "Yer dead wrong, kid. I know from hurt—all kinds of damn hurt. So much, I trued for years to drown it all down. But all that did was make more hurt—for me, for your mom..."

Hun "...And, yeah, for you."

Hun "I know I hurt you, Casey, and I'm sorry, I can't change that—what's done is done. But now I got what it takes to make things better."

Hun "No more boozin', no more feelin' sorry for myself. Only respect..."

Hun "...And power!"

Hun "Come on, Casey... Be smart here. It can be all ours—mine and yours. The Jones boys..."

Hun "...A family again."

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Casey "Yeah? Well, here's a newsflash for you, old man. I ain't never been much for smarts..."

Casey "...And I got myself a whole new family!"


Hun "Gnh!"

Hun "Heh. That's my boy... Just like I taught ya—hit fast and hit hard, no little girl's toothpicks for you."

Hun "Y'know, Casey, your mouth is sayin' you got a new family, but your fight?"

Hun "Your fight's tellin' me yer a chip off the ol' Jones block, no doubt about it."

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Shredder "Karai, who—?"

Oroku Karai "Mutants, Grandfather—hybrids of my making."

Karai "Culled from within our ranks and designed to serve the Foot. Loyally..."

"...And willingly."

Leonardo "Mother?"

Bebop "Yo, Rock! These dudes got hard candy shells."

Rocksteady "Let's crack 'em open and see what kinda goodies are inside."

Michelangelo "Uh-oh."

Mikey "Yagh!"

Bebop "Ha! He swings, he misses!"

Rocksteady "No way! Totally a foul tip."

Donatello "Hrf!"

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Splinter "My sons, we must get to Leonardo!"

Raphael "Wish someone'd tell that to these two ugly creeps."


Donnie "Whoa!"



Bebop "Who's he callin' ugly?"

Rocksteady "Tell me... Hrk... 'Bout it! Ain't these... Guff... Twerps seen themselves?"

Mikey "Got 'im! I got 'im!"

Mikey "Or not!"

Rocksteady "I mean, I thought the rats in our old apartment were nasty..."

Rocksteady "...But this guy? Yuck."

Rocksteady "Ya don't think he's got rabies, do ya?"

Bebop "Prob'ly..."

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Bebop "...Just don't get any of his blood on ya!"


Rocksteady "Ain't this the turtle dork we rumbled with before, Bopster?"

Bebop "Yeah, that's him—from that time with Alopex.*"


Rocksteady "Thought so. Guess he figured he could take us again, huh?"


Bebop "'Cept now he's tanglin' with super bad-ass mutants."

Rocksteady "Yep. Sucks to be him."

Karai "Buffoons!"

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Karai "Stop toying with the scum and finish them!"

Rocksteady "Aw, man—this was just startin' to get fun."

Bebop "I hear ya, pal. But Karai signs our paychecks, and she says it's killin' time."

Rocksteady "Wait—we get paychecks?"

Bebop "Last call, fellas. Didn't expect no kick-butt secret weapons like us to crash the party, didja?"


April O'Neil "Good thing we have a secret weapon of our own."

Donnie "April?! What the heck are you doing?"

April "Thought maybe you could use some help help-testing Harold's gear. Seems to work great, huh?"

Donnie "Y-Yeah... It does."

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Splinter "Raphael—quickly!"

Raph "Comin'!"

Shredder "Chunin, look around you—our enemy thrives on your hesitation! True strength comes from the will to strike quickly and without mercy—"

Shredder "—lHave you learned nothing?!"

Leo "Wh-Where is... Mother?"


Shredder "Recover your wits, damn you!"

Shredder "Now rise and become the warrior you are meant to be."

Splinter "You do not touch my son, devil..."

Splinter "...Ever."

"So, this is what it's come to, huh?"

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Hun "Makes you feel better, don't it? Hittin' me?"

Hun "S'okay. I get it. But I'm stronger now... Better yer gonna hafta up your game."

Casey "Yeah? Then how 'bout..."


Casey "...This?!"

Hun "Nope—that ain't gonna do it neither."

Casey "Y-You dumb goon. You don't know who you're working for."

Hun "All I know's the Foot's the best thing that coulda happened to me."

Hun "Brought me outta hell... Gave me a second chance to be a good dad to you."

Hun "And I'm gonna make you understand that, son. One way or anoth—"


Hun "—Gah!"

Angel Bridge "Bastard!"

Angel "Hrk!"

Hun "Big mistake, girl."


Hun "Now, you be a good little kiddie..."

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"...And stay down."

Old Hob "All right... Unf... Payback time."

Hob "Stinkin' humans... Shootin' me all the damn time. That rat and his green brats need to... Hrf... Hurry the hell up."

Hun "We'll continue our heart-to-heart in just a sec, Case. Gotta take care of this nuisance first."

Casey "No..."



Hun "Nyuh!"


Hun "Uff!"

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Hun "Dammit, Casey, yer bleedin' like a stuck pig. Knock this crap off."

Casey "N-No..."

Hun "Don't be stupid, kid. I'm still on yer side."

Casey "Dad... You were never on my side."

Hun "Whoa—!"


Casey "But apparently you are."

Slash "Bad Dragon man."

Casey "Yo, Angel—you okay?"

Angel "Yeah, good to go."

Angel "But, man, your stitches are broke. I told you not to leave the hospital, you big dummy."

Casey "Heh. Yeah, well..."

"...Totally worth it."

Hun "Nnngg..."

"You will harm my family no further, demon..."

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Splinter "...Your terror ends tonight, Saki!"


Shredder "No, Yoshi..."

Shredder "...Tonight my rule begins."

Leo "Master...?"


Leo "Master Shredder!"


Leo "Gnh!"

Raph "Not so fast, bro..."

Raph "...Me and you gotta chew the fat first."

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Bebop "Rock, I think this place is haunted by a really mad ghost."

Rocksteady "Why's he mad at us?"

Bebop "I look like some sorta ghost expert to you?!"

Karai "Idiots! On your feet!"

Mikey "Oh, crud, the psycho safari twins are gettin' up..."


Mikey "...What do we do now, Donnie?!"

Donnie ··How much juice you got left in your gear, April?!··

April ··Dunno—maybe five minutes worth at best.··

Donnie "Well, then I guess we better make the most of those five minutes..."

"...And pray Father and Raph do the same."

Leo "Fool. You will die for that."

Raph "See, now I'm gonna have to ask you to change your tone, man."

Raph "You sound just like that chump Shredder right now, and we both know that ain't really your thing, bro."


Leo "You know nothing about me!"

Raph "Nah, actually, I know a lot."

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Leo "Rah!"

Raph "I know the only thing you like more than trainin' is gettin' ready for trainin'."

Leo "Hyah!"

Raph "I know you secretly named your swords Musashi and Kamiizumi."


Leo "Grar!"

Raph "I know you avoid playin' video games with Mikey 'cause you hate gettin' beat by him every time."

Raph "I especially know that if you were really yourself right now, I'd never be able to do this."


Leo "Wha—?"


Raph "And I know I ain't gonna fight you no more."

Raph "You're feelin' lost and alone. I get it. But we're your family, and we wanna take you home."

Raph "And you're gonna come, 'cause deep down you know..."

Raphael & Tang Shen "...This is no place for you."

Leo "Mother?"

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Shredder "Look, Yoshi—watch as your momentary advantage quickly slips away..."

"...And becomes my ultimate triumph."

Shredder "We were clan brothers once—I, your clan leader. But you defied my will and betrayed my trust and, in doing so, dishonored the Foot."


Splinter "Hnf!"

Shredder "The Foot was your family, Yoshi—before Tang Shen and before these abominations you call your children."


Splinter "Gyaagh!"

Shredder "And I will never forgive you for forsaking us."

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Alopex "You!"

Shredder "Hrf!"

Alopex "How dare you speak of family?!"

Alopex "You don't know anything about family! Only how to kill and destroy!"

Alopex "You're a monster!"

Alopex "I trusted you!"


Alopex "Yaarp!"

Karai "Traitorous cur."

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Leo "Raph... Is that... Is that you?"

Raph "Yeah, bro—it's me."

Leo "But I thought you were... Dead."

Donnie "We're all gonna be dead if we don't get going."

Donnie "Now's our chance, guys!"

Leo "Mikey? Donnie?"

Mikey "Hi, big brother."

Leo "How...?"

April "Guys, that's it for the battery!"

Donnie "Oh man, Father—your leg..."

Splinter "Is... Badly broken, my son."

Mikey "Father, lean on me."

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Casey "Guys, time to go!"

Angel "Hurry!"

Mikey "Slash! Love that move, big guy! Just in time to help with Father!"

Raph "I got Leo!"

Donnie "Come on, April!"

Hob " 'Bout stinkin' time! Me and Slash had things cleaned up out here way before now."

Splinter "Just...erf...remove us from this place, Old Hob. Quickly."

Hob "Yeah, yeah, keepyour undies on."


Rocksteady "Not so fast, dweebs!"

Bebop "We ain't done yet!"

Page 19

Mikey "Gun it, Hob!"

Rocksteady "Youse ain't gettin' away so easy!"

Bebop "{Snort!}"

Hob "Yep..."


Hob "...We are."


Bebop "Ohh... I think I broke my spleen..."

Rocksteady "We still gonna get a paycheck?"

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Antonio "Here is our tribute to you, Shredder, as you requested. We hope we can put the Savate fiasco behind us and move forward in a more cooperative fashion."

Shredder "Excellent. In time, I'm confident you will find this to be a mutually beneficial arrangement for all involved, Antonio."

Shredder "You are dismissed."

Shredder "Karai, I would speak with you now."

Karai "Master, there are no signs of the turtles or Alopex. We will continue to—"

Shredder "Silence."

Shredder "You have created mutants without my knowledge. You have acted independently of my will and disobeyed by authority."

Shredder "This gross insubordination is punishable by death."

Shredder "Do you deny it?"

Karai "I... I do not."

Karai "But all I did, I did in the name of the Foot."

Karai "Everything I do... I do to honor the Clan."

Karai "I accept my fate."

Shredder "Very well."

Shredder "Rise..."

Shredder "...Chunin."

Page 21

Karai "Master...?"

Shredder "These past months I sought to wrest control of this city from the pathetic vermin who squandered the power they held."

Shredder "Leonardo served as a psychological weapon in my war—a reminder of the power I hold over man and mutant."

Shredder "I has also hoped to use him to finally rid this world of Hamato Yoshi. Although I failed in this, the damage I have done to Yoshi's family will remain."

Shredder "But these were not the only reasons I made Leonardo my chunin. I also did it to test you, Karai."

Shredder "I needed to know if you were truly worthy of being my second-in-command—of ruling this city in my stead while I focus my energies elsewhere."

Karai "Me?"

Shredder "You remained loyal through many difficult trials, displaying cunning, tenacity, and patience at every turn. I sought the very best in you."

Shredder "...And you did not disappoint."

Shredder "There is something important for you to understand, Karai. Many think family is a birthright. It is not."

Shredder "Family is something to be earned."

Shredder "That is why the Foot will always be stronger than its enemies."

Shredder "Our family, our bond, runs deeper than blood. It is forged in pain, sacrifice, and combat. Once tested, it is unbreakable."

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"That is why we are destined to rule all."

Hob "Hope it was worth it—that lost pup of yours don't look so good, and now you're all gonna be on Shredhead's most wanted list."

Donnie "Leo's gonna be fine, Hob."

April "We won't be sticking around, anyway. I know exactly the place we can go."

Splinter "And we must leave now. Saki will be searching for us."

Casey "You sure you don't wanna come with us, Angel?"

Angel "Nah—thanks, man. My dad needs me here. I'll be okay."

Splinter "My son, I am so happy that—"

Leo "Don't... Don't touch me."

Mikey "Uh... Leo?"

"The entire world lies before us..."

"...And there is nowhere that is safe for our enemies to hide."

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