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Bebop and Rocksteady easily knock aside Master Splinter, Raph, Don and Mikey, trashtalking the whole time. Outside, Casey and his father the Hun talk amidst the chaos. Hun asks Casey to join him in working for Shredder and the Foot Clan. He tells his son that he finally has what it takes to be a decent father. Casey declines his father's offer and hits him in the head with his baseball bat, but Hun is unfazed.

Back inside, Shredder is surprised by the appearance of Bebop and Rocksteady and asks Karai where they came from. She informs him how she selected two suitable candidates from among the Foot Clan's recruits and mutated them into the two powerhouses before them. Bebop and Rocksteady continue beating back Splinter and the three Turtles. Splinter reminds them of the need to get Leo quickly and get out. 

Karai yells at Bebop and Rocksteady to quit messing around and finish off the Turtles. Bebop and Rocksteady are sad their fun has to end, but before they can move a wall comes crashing down on them, thanks to April who is using Harold's anti-gravity gauntlet and cloaking device. Donatello tells April they better make the most out of the devices' little remaining battery life. 

Onstage, Shredder urges Leo to rise to the occasion and use lethal force to defeat his enemies. Leo is still in a daze, asking where his mother is. Shredder strikes him in an attempt to knock some sense into him. Splinter approaches with Raphael and tells Shredder he will not touch his son again. 

Outside, Casey continues trying to bring down his father, to no avail. He breaks his bat against Hun's arm; no effect. Hun picks Casey up by the throat and tells him he's going to make him listen to reason, one way or another, leaving him distracted enough for Angel to strike him in the leg, bringing him down. Hun rises again and pins Angel down. He is about to kill her when Hob shoots the Hun in the shoulder, and Casey bodyslams him. Hun tells Casey to knock it off before he hurts himself, his stitches already ripped. Out of nowhere, Slash picks up Hun and hurls him into a car. 

Inside the theatre, Splinter and Shredder fight. Snapping out of his daze but still brainwashed, Leo attempts to protect Shredder but Raphael stops him. Leonardo tells Raphael he will pay for that. Raph tells Leo that acting like a Foot soldier is not his thing and they both know it; Leo tells Raph he knows nothing about him. Raph says he does indeed know a lot about Leo, and cites examples (including: that the only thing Leo likes more than training is getting ready for training; that he named his katanas Musashi and Kamiizumi; that he avoids playing video games with Mikey because he hates being beat). Raph tells Leo that he knows if Leo were himself he would never be able to disarm him (which he proceeds to do), and he knows that he doesn't have to fight him anymore, because they both know Leo doesn't belong with the Foot Clan. What Raph says echoes what Leo heard from their mother in a dream.

Shredder has gained the advantage over Splinter and breaks his leg, crippling him, as he tells him that he will finally have vengeance against Splinter (who in his former life was Hamato Yoshi) for betraying the Foot Clan. Shredder is about to kill Splinter when Alopex attacks him, unable to hide her disgust and anger with him for burning down the forest where her family lived (see the Alopex micro). Karai hits Alopex in the shoulder with an arrow. 

Leonardo, finally shaking off the effects of the brainwashing, is surprised to see Raphael and his other brothers alive and well. He is confused about what has happened. The Turtles prepare to flee and begin helping Splinter to safety. Slash bursts in through yet another wall and helps Mikey carry Splinter. They all pile into a truck waiting outside with Hob behind the wheel. Bebop and Rocksteady are hot on their heels, but Hob stops them with a grenade. As the truck speeds off, the Hun, Bebop and Rocksteady look on. 

Later on at the Foot Clan headquarters, the head of the Italian mafia is presenting Shredder with a tribute. He apologizes for not being cooperative with the Savate situation but Shredder tells him this arrangement will be mutually beneficial and dismisses him. Shredder calls in Karai; he tells her that she has committed gross insubordination, punishable by death. He asks if she denies it and she does not, saying she accepts her fate, as all her actions were done for the glory of the Foot. He tells her to rise, as she is now his chunin. Shredder explains that brainwashing Leonardo was a psychological move, meant to demonstrate his power over both man and mutant to his foes in the criminal underworld of New York City, as well as to destroy Hamato Yoshi's (Splinter's) family and to test Karai to see if she was truly worthy of being his second-in-command. Shredder tells Karai that he had to know that he could trust her to rule the city while he focused on matters elsewhere. He knows now that he can, because their family bond is stronger than one of mere blood, it is a bond forged by pain, sacrifice, and combat, proving they are destined to rule. 

On the outskirts of town, Splinter, the Turtles, April, Casey, Angel, Hob, and Slash regroup, lick their wounds, and plan their next course of action. Since Shredder will likely begin searching for them soon, Splinter, Turtles and Casey plan on going into hiding, and April knows a place they can all go. Casey asks if Angel wants to come, but she says she needs to stay, as her dad needs her help. Splinter attempts to console Leonardo, but Leo resists, still very shaken from his ordeal. Before they leave, Leo gives Slash's mask back to him, as well as the blade gauntlet he got while with the Foot Clan. Hob and Slash watch as the group departs for Northampton




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