Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

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Woody Dirkins "Okay, Mikester—we're here. Yet another dump I used to deliver to that I now avoid like the plague."

Michelangelo "Looks rough, all right. I just hope they don't have mean dogs like the last one we went to..."

Mikey "...I never woulda guessed you could fit that many pitbulls and chihuahuas into one apartment."

Woody "Oh, the stories I could tell, amigo."

Woody "Look, much as I wanna keep helpin' you look for clues about your brother, I gotta get back to the restaurant."

Mikey "Nah, it's cool. It woulda been total crazy luck if these fake deliveries let me to Leo."

Woody "Hey, it was a righteous plan, dude. And who knows—maybe this dump's the winner."

Mikey "Doesn't smell like a winner... Blah."


Man A "Whaddya want?"

Mikey "Pizza guy."

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Man A "Pizza? We didn't order no..."

Man A "...Wait—what the hell're you supposed to be?"

Mikey "Oh, this? Just a costume, man. You know... "Mikey's Turtle Pizza—where you always get a shell of a deal." "

Man B "Mikey's Turtle Pizza? Never heard of it."

Man A "Don't matter—pizza's pizza. And seein' as we got no time to stop for chow before that big Foot Meetin' tonight, this works out perfect... 'Specially since this chump's gonna give it to us on the house."

Man A "Ain't that right, turtle boy?"

Mikey "On the house? How 'bout..."

Mikey "...On the face?!"



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Angel Bridge "I don't care what Hun says, Malo..."

Angel "...The Purple Dragons got no business workin' with the Foot. They ain't nothin' but crooks and killers, man, and we put that kinda bad news behind us a long time ago."

Malo "Maybe. But all your talk about helpin' your mutant buddies ain't soundin' too good neither, Angel."

Hun "No... It's not."

Link "Hun!"

Hun "Thought we already settled all this, Angel.*"

Hun "The Dragons are done bein' bystanders. The Foot want us and that's all that matters—they're gonna own this whole city soon and gettin' a piece of that action is way better than babysittin' some green freaks."

Hun "Anyone got a problem with that..."

Hun "...Answers to me."

Angel "You know—I do got problems. With the Foot, yeah..."

Angel "...But mostly with you."

Hun "You sure you wanna be doin' that? I let you off once 'cause me and your old man go way back, but once is all you get."

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Hun "You might wanna put them little twigs away before I do it for you, girl."

Angel "You can try, but I ain't about to let you wreck the Dragons."

Hun "Yeah? Well, you're the only one I hear complainin'."

Angel "Maybe 'cause I'm the only one..."


Angel "...Who ain't afraid to!"

Hun "Heh. Nice one. I almost felt that."

Hun "Okay, you took your best shot..."

Hun "...My turn."

Ninja "Stop!"

Hun "Who the—?"

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Ninja "The Foot Clan has taken control of the city. The master is calling all clandestine elements of New York to a meeting tonight—a demonstration of power to show that there are none who stand in his way."

Ninja "Attendance is mandatory. Disregarding this invitation is tantamount to death. You either serve the Foot..."

Ninja "...Or you die."

Hun "You see this, Dragons?! What'd I tell you? The Shredder owns the city and now he wants us by his side. Us!"

Hun "I'm gonna ask you one last time—do you wanna back Angel and those filthy, stinkin' mutants or hers... Or do you wanna get filthy, stinkin' rich and powerful with the Hun?!"


Hun "You hearin' what I'm hearin', Angel?"

Hun "Sounds like we're all in agreement. Or you still wanna fight about it?"

Angel "Nah, I'm done—the Dragons are all yours. I don't want nothin' to do with 'em anymore if the idiots wanna follow a gorilla like you."

Angel "They'll regret it. Probably too late, but they will."

Hun "We'll see who regrets what, girlie..."

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Donatello "So it's easy to see how these things might come in handy, right, Raph?"

Raphael "Donnie, sometimes what's easy for you to see is like a gazillion miles away for the rest of us."

Donnie "What do you mean?"

Raph "I mean, you're talkin' 'bout usin' these gizmos to fight the Foot while I'm still tryin' to figure out how to turn the stupid things on."

Donnie "They're not stupid, Raph—they're highly advanced and specialized tech. Harold's done a lot of work to improve them, especially the battery life."

Donnie "And for your information, there's nothing complicated about operating them. April figured it out right away."

Raph "Well, April's probably the one person we know who's even smarter than you, bro."

April O'Neil "You said it, Raph, not me."

Donnie "Whatever. It was your bright idea for all of us to do what we do best, and this is what I do best."

Donnie "But be a luddite ninja if that makes you happy—I'm gonna do my fighting in the 21st century."

Raph "Lud-what?"

Mikey "Guys! Guys!"

Mikey "I know where Leo's gonna be! I totally know!"

Donnie "Mikey, what're you jabbering about?"

Raph "And where'd you get that goofy hat?"

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Mikey "Woody was helpin' me do fake pizza deliveries and I ended up findin' some whack dudes that knew about this massive bad-guy meeting comin' up."

Mikey "So, after some "convincin'," I got 'em to tell me where and when it's gonna be. They said all the important Foot guys are goin'—Shredder, Karai, Alopex and..."

Splinter "...Leonardo."

Splinter "You are to be commended, my sons—you have bonded together in the face of adversity, and it appears your combined efforts have paid off."

Splinter "And now the time has come to call on our allies for the adversity to come—"

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"—The battle to bring Leonardo home."

Leonardo "Nnngg..."

Shredder (dream) "Look there, Leonardo."

Leo (d) "Master Shredder?"

Shredder (d) "Look at those who will die with you this day, executed by the very Clan you chose to dishonor with your base treachery."

Leo (d) "Treachery? But... I didn't betray you. I..."

Leo (d) "Wait... This isn't right. Something's changed. This is—"

Shredder (d) "Now!"


Leo (d) "Nooooo!"

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Leo (d) "No."

Tang Shen "My son, hear me."

Leo (d) "M-Mother...?"

Shen (d) "Hear me, child... And see..."

Shen (d) "...That this is no place for you."

Shredder (d) "And now, traitor—time to do."

Leo (d) "Wait... Mother... I'm not—"


Shen (d) "No place for you..."

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Leo "Mother!"

Leo "Oh... Oh, God..."

Oroku Karai "I heard your cry..."

Karai "...Do your new duties haunt you in your dreams?"

Leo "I don't remember inviting you in here, Karai."

Karai "That is because you did not. What I heard your shout, I thought you might be in danger... Chunin."

Leo "Yeah... I'll bet."

Leo "So, is everything ready for the master's meeting?"

Karai "Of course..."

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"...All preparations necessary for success have been made."

Old Hob "All right—that's the last of 'em."

Raph "Can you say "overkill," fleabag?"

Hob "Hey, you got your methods, I got mine, turtle."

Raph "Well, your methods suck. Just sayin'."

Hob "Say it all you want—it ain't no fur off my back. In case you haven't figured it out yet, we ain't goin' to no tea party tonight."

Splinter "Raphael—tonight we cannot afford to dismiss any ally, no matter how distasteful his methods."

Splinter "We were unable to choose the battle..."

Splinter "...But we can still choose to win."

Donnie "Looks like the others are done loading. Almost time to go."

April "Okay, I'm gonna text Casey real quick—let him know I'm not coming by tonight."

Donnie "You know, April—you don't have to do this."

April "I want to do this, Donnie. Leo needs all of us, just like Splinter said, and I already told him I'd stay in the van and away from... Well, from whatever happens."

April "April O'Neil—professional getaway driver."

Casey Jones
Case... Helping Turtles find Leo. Be with U soon!

April "Okay... I'm ready."

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Alopex "<Please excuse me, Kitsune—I have your tea. May I enter?>"

Kitsune "<Yes, Alopex, please do.>"

Kitsune "<I must say, your Japanese is nearly flawless. I am impressed.>"

Alopex "<Thank you. I was taught both English and Japanese after my... My change.>"

Kitsune "<A wise decision by Oroku Saki, to be sure.>"

Alopex "<The master thought it would give me... Er, him a tactical advantage.>"

Alopex "<I also learned about you during that time—the great witch who helped lift Master Shredder up. It was so exciting to hear those stories, especially the part about you being a fox.>"

Alopex "<It always made me feel less different and less... Alone.>"

Kitsune "And yet, to be different is to often be alone, is that not so?"

Alopex "You... You speak English? But—why haven't you before?"

Kitsune "Until now, I chose not to?"

Kitsune "Know this, Alopex—we foxes must be both sly and cautious, for treachery lurks around every corner."

Kitsune "We must always know when to watch..."

Kitsune "...And when to act."

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Casey Jones "April, what the heck are you up to now?"

Angel "Yo, Jones!"

Angel "Look what I found!"

Casey "Whoa, Angel... Where'd you find that old thing?"

Angel "Near the Skara Brae where you and Raph got jumped. Been meanin' to bring it to you but things've been kinda crazy."

Casey "You know, my old man showed up outta the blue and tried to give me a new mask. Dude was all dressed up slick and talkin' like he's clean now—buncha bull like that."

Angel "Uh... Some of it ain't bull, man. Your dad stopped hittin' the booze and got himself crazy ripped somehow. And he's callin' himself Hun again."

Casey "Hun?!"

Angel "Yeah—and he took over the Dragons from me."

Angel "Matter of fact, he's takin' 'em all to this big meetin' the Shredder's havin' tonight—"

Angel "—Some kind of power trip to get everyone in the city in line, I guess."

Casey "What?"

Casey "C'mon, Angel, we're... Unf... Outta here."

Angel "Casey, you ain't supposed to be up—what the hell you doin'?"

Casey "Helpin'... Erg... My friends. April texted me that somethin' was up with Leo. This meetin' must be it and I got a bad feelin', 'specially if my dad's in the mix."

Casey "That chump can pound on me all he wants..."

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"...But I'll never let him hurt my family."

"An abandoned theater? What's Shredder got everyone here for?"

Raph "A sold-out show, from the looks of all the goons outside the place."

Donnie "You aren't kidding. Toss a rock and you're bound to hit a psychotic stooge."

Hob "Good thing we ain't plannin' on tossin' no rocks, am I right?"

Raph "Speakin' of psychos..."

Donnie "Well, only one thing left to do before show time."

Donnie "Gear up."

Hob "Now that's what I'm talkin' about, boys."

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Shredder "Ladies and gentlemen. You were wise to accept my invitation."

Shredder "I am the Shredder, leader of the Foot Clan."

Shredder "And, as of tonight..."

Shredder "...Master of you all."

Shredder "If this surprises you, it should not. Over the last few months, my Foot Ninja have taken control of this city—street by street, borough by borough—annihilating all who stood in my way..."

Shredder "...Until only one group remained that was foolish enough to oppose my inevitable rule—"

Shredder "The Savate."

Victor "You... You bastard..."

Page 16

Shredder "As you can see, their pathetic resistance, too, has been crushed—this vision of utter defeat should serve as fair warning to any who would dare defy me in the future."

Shredder "And yet, I feel additional emphasis is necessary when delivering such an important message."

Shredder "After all, mere words are a poor substitute..."

Victor "Kill you..."

Shen (vision) "Hear me, my child... And see..."

Leo "Mother?"

Shen (v) "See that this is no place for you."

Shredder "...For action!"


Leo "No."

"The time has come to save Leonardo..."

Page 17

Splinter "...We can wait no longer."

Hob "Music to my ears, rat."



Hob "Well, what're you waitin' for? Have fun, big fella."

Gangster "We are under attack!"

Slash "Grraaagh!"

Hob "Damn straight, you are!"


Splinter "We must breach the building quickly, my sons."

Donnie "On it!"

Page 18


Shredder "So... We have uninvited guests."

Shredder "Destroy them or meet Victor's same fate!"

Antonio "Let's go, boys!"

Shredder "It appears that a further demonstration of my power is in order."

Leo "M-Mother..."

Shredder "Leonardo...?"

Shredder "What has possessed you?"

Karai "It is as I have told you, Master—"

Karai "—Whenever death appears, your precious chunin disappears."


Splinter "Saki! I have returned for my son! And this time..."

Splinter "...I will not leave empty-handed!"

Page 19

Hun "What the hell's goin' on?!"

Gangster "Dunno! Alla sudden we got attacked by some giant monster and some maniac takin' potshots!"

Hun "Gimme that!"

Hun "I'll show you wimps how it's done."

Hun "First the sniper twerp..."


Hob "Gyah!"

Hun "...And then the jumbo jerk."


Hun "Wha—?!"

Casey "I don't think so..."

Casey "...Dad."

Page 20


Donnie "Agh!"

Shredder "You will die for this insolence!"

Shredder "Uff!"

Shredder "Leonardo, you fool! Kill them!"

Leo "Y-Yes, Master."

Donnie "Oh... Crud."

Leo "Rah!"


Donnie "Leo, stop!"

Donnie "We don't wanna hurt you!"

Leo "Whuf!"

Leo "No? Well, I wanna hurt you."


Raph "No..."

Page 21


Raph "...You don't!"

Raph "Trust me on that."

Leo "R... Raph?"

Raph "Yeah, bro."

Leo "No!"

Leo "No! This is all wrong!"

Leo "All wrong!"

Donnie "Something's happening to Leo, guys!"

Splinter "Yes—we must remove him from this place, my sons! Now!"

Leo "All wrong..."

Leo "...Mother... All wrong..."

Raph "I got Leo! You guys make a hole!"

Donnie "No problem!"

Page 22

Shredder "They are escaping!"

Shredder "Where the devil is Karai?!"

Karai "I am here, Grandfather..."



Donnie "Okay—this is a problem!"

Karai "...And tonight belongs to the Foot!"

Bebop "Yeah..."

Rocksteady "...What she said."

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