Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

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Tang Shen (vision) "I love this garden. A delight to the eyes and to the nose, is it not?"

Leonardo (v) "I suppose."

Shen (v) "Please, tell me, my son... What troubles you?"

Leo (v) "I'm sorry, Mother—I don't mean to be so gloomy. It's just... It's just that I feel so empty right now. Empty and lonely."

Leo (v) "Like... Like I've lost something really important—something from deep inside my heart that I'll never get back again. It feels like it's gone forever and I don't even know what it is."

Shen (v) "Oh, my beautiful child, even as my oldest, you are far too young to bear such a heavy burden."

Shen (v) "I blame myself for leaving you too soon."

Leo (v) "No, Mother, don't say that. What's happened isn't your fault."

Shen (v) "No... No, perhaps not."

Shen (v) "In truth, the responsibility for all this sadness belongs to another."

Leo (v) "Who, Mother? Tell me... Please."

Shen (v) "My child, when you find that which you have lost..."

Shen (v) "...You will also find the answer to that question."

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Shen (v) "Here... Take this—a gift from your mother. A reminder of my eternal love for you."

Shen (v) "I know you are lonely and confused, child, but please remember, you are not forgotten..."

"...And you are never alone."


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Robber A "Next time youse go that slow, we ain't gonna be so understandin'!"

Robber B "Forget 'em, man! We got the cash!"

Angel Bridge "Not for long."


Robber A "The hell?!"

Angel "I got another one where that came from, punk, and my arm's nice and warmed up now."

Robber A "Yeah, like I'm scared of yer little toothpick, girl. Think ya can throw faster'n I can shoot?"

Raphael "I can..."


Robber A "Gaah!"

Raph "...And here's another nifty trick I know."


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Raph "Angel, you got time to talk?"

Angel "I do now. Thanks for the assist."

Raph "No biggie. Why ain't the other Purple Dragons with you?"

Angel "Uh... The Dragons are dealin' with some, um... Funny business right now. What you might call a family squabble.*"

[* See the HUN micro-series for more info. — B.C.]

Raph "That seems to be goin' round these days. Must be somethin' in the water."

Angel "Whatever it is, it sucks. I'm tellin' ya, Raph, nobody woulda tried to jack that liquor store in broad daylight before. Things're changin'... And not for the better."

Raph "Yeah—that's why I'm here."

Raph "I just wanna be sure that my family can count on the Dragons to have our backs, 'cause with Leo gone and Casey hurt, we can use all the help we can get, you know?"

Angel "Yeah, I know. But since things in the Dragons ain't exactly what you'd call copacetic right now, I can't guarantee the others will help you guys."

Angel "But I know I got all your backs..."

Angel "...No matter what."

Raph "Thanks, Angel—that means a lot. Really."

Raph "Okay, I'm outta here. Gotta make one more stop..."

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"...Before I head home for dinner."

RUPERT'S PIZZERIA 555-270-1315

Michelangelo "You got a license to drive that boat?"

Woody Dirkins "Mikester?"

Woody "Wow, man, I... I didn't expect to see you."

Mikey "Sorry for botherin' you, Woody, but I was hopin' maybe you might be able to help me."

Mikey "My brother Leo's in some trouble and—"

Woody "Wait, Mikester—before you say anything else, there's somethin' I gotta get off my chest."

Woody "When... When that Slash monster attacked me, I totally freaked. Like, first my brain bailed on me... Then I bailed on you, bro."

Woody "But since then I've been thinkin' a lot 'bout things. And what I realized is I..."

Woody "...I've been a crappy friend, Mikester—the worst—and even though I don't deserve it, I hope you can forgive me."

Mikey "Are you kiddin'? All that stuff with Slash was spooky! But that's old news far as I'm concerned, man. Like my bro Raph always says, crap happens."

Woody "Heh! Yeah—I guess it does."

Woody "So... Still pals?"

Mikey "You know it, dude!"

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Woody "Great! And here's my peace offering—or should I say, pizza offering?"

Woody "There's no antipasto like your old man digs, but I can whip one up real quick, no problemo."

Mikey "Non... That's cool. Father probably won't be eatin' with us anyways."

Mikey "He... He's been kinda busy lately. We all have."

Woody "'Cause of the trouble you mentioned with Leo? What's up?"

Mikey "The stupid Foot and that jerkwad Shredder took him and they got him all messed up, fightin' against us and everything."

Mikey "Me and my brothers are tryin' to get him back, askin' everyone we know if they heard anything about it. It's a long shot but we gotta do somethin'."

Woody "You know, I actually did hear something about the Foot from some creepy dudes I delivered pizza to earlier. They were talkin' about a street war brewin', crazy stuff like that."

Mikey "Seriously? What else'd they say?"

Woody "Honestly, I didn't stick around."

Woody "Let's just say there's some places I don't like to deliver to these days."

Mikey "Really?"

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"What kind of places?"

April O'Neil "So, Donnie... This is your friend's lab?"

Donatello "Well, this is the address Harold gave me."

April "Looks more like something straight out of a survivor horror video game, you ask me."


Harold Lillja >Go away!<

Donnie "Uh, Harold, it's Donnie. You invited me over, remember?"

Harold >Yeah, I remember inviting you over, nobody else. I don't like people, Donatello—I told you that.*<

Donnie "But it's really important I talk to you. And April's cool."

Harold >Meh. I said, go away.<

April "Hey, Harold, Donnie's told me a lot about your work with meta-materials and invisibility cloaking. Really fascinating stuff."

Harold >...<

Harold >You... You know about transformation optics?<

April "Just a little bit—but I'm always ready to learn more."


Donnie "Whoa. Nice going, April."

April "Just a little trick of the light, my friend."

Donnie "Oh, har-dee har har..."

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Donnie "Thanks for seeing us, Harold. I really appreciate it."

Harold "Meh. What's so blasted important, anyway? I'm busy."

Donnie "Like I told you on our e-chat... My family's run into some trouble with a seriously bad guy—"

Harold "Stockman?"

Donnie "Worse. And I'm trying to find some kind of tech advantage. I know you've been upgrading your anti-grav gauntlets and light refraction devices, and I thought, well..."

April "Wow. These are some crazy gadgets."

Harold "And you thought I'd help you out, right? Even though your personal problems have less-than-zero to do with me."

Donnie "Uh... Yeha... Something like that."

Harold "How obtruse."

April "Um, I think you mean obtu—"

Donnie "Trust me, April—let it go."

Harold "Well, for your information, I have been doing upgrades—adding external power sources, increasing battery life, streamlining the design... Tweaks like that. But none of it's been beta-tested. Zilch."

Harold "So, for the sake of argument, if I did let you borrow any of my gear—and I'm not saying I will—it'd be 100-percent at your own risk."

Harold "Anyone gets blown to smithereens, it's their own damn fault, not mine. You hear me?"

Donnie "Loud and clear."

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Victor "And so it comes to this, my friends..."

Victor "...We have crushed all our enemies, save one, and now we must move to annihilate them as well."

Victor "We do this, and the city belongs to the Savate."

Savate Ninja "You know we will follow you down whatever path you choose, Victor."

Savate Ninja "When do you wish to strike against the Foot?"

Victor "...They'll never see it coming."

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Savate Ninja "The Foot!"

Victor "Kill them!"


Leonardo "Karai! We've infiltrated the command center..."

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Leo >...Stand by until I give the order to join the attack.<

Oroku Karai "Understood."

Karai "Foot! With me!"

Alopex "But, Karai, Leonardo ordered us to wait for—"

Karai "Less talkin, Alopex..."

Karai "...More fighting."


Leo "Master! Victor is running!"

Shredder "Give chase, Leonardo. Teach the craven fool..."

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"...There is nowhere he can hide."

Old Hob "So here it is. The little favor I need done at StockGen."

Hob "I want a mutant army. I need mutagen, and we both know there's plenty of it inside this hellhole. Thing is, they ain't exactly givin' it away."

Hob "So, I figure, if I'm ever gonna get any, I gotta take it. And who better to do that for me than the little lab rat that used to have the run of the place, am I right?"

Hob "You sneak in, grab a bunch of the green stuff for me, and sneak out. Easy peasy."

Hob "Once I got my mutagen we'll be square, and then we can start workin' on that little missing turtle problem of yours."

Splinter "And rescuing Leonardo is the only reason I am agreeing to this. Do not forget that fact."

Splinter "You spoke earlier of a "good faith" mission, Old Hob, when in truth there is absolutely nothing good about any of this."

Hob "Yeah, well—you say potato, rat..."

Hob "Okay, he's gone. You ready, big boy?"

Slash "Ready."

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"You won't take me, mutant..."

Page 14

Victor "...Only death will decide this!"

Leo "Count on it."


Victor "Filthy abomination! Where are you hiding?!"

Leo "Here."


Victor "Wha—?"


Victor "Gaah!"

Leo "And here."

Victor "You'll pay for that."

Leo "We'll see."


Page 15


Leo "Hnf!"



Victor "Impressive."

Leo "And I'm just getting started."

Page 16

Victor "Then allow me to finish!"



Victor "Uff!"

Leo "No..."


Leo "...Allow me."

Shredder "Chunin, stay your hand!"

Shredder "It is over."

Shredder "We have won."

Page 17

Leo "But, Master, if... If we've won, why let him live?"

Shredder "We've won the battle, yes, but the war is not yet ours."

Shredder "For this reason, I have other plans for Victor—"

Shredder "—Plans that require he remain alive... For now."

Victor "Th-Then that'll be your last mistake..."


Shredder "Move, Leonardo!"


Victor "Yaggh!"

Shredder "Coward's weapon!"

Shredder "Bind his wounds and do not allow him to bleed out."

Shredder "He will depart this life soon enough..."

Victor "My... My hand..."

Page 18

"...But only when I say he can go."

Guard "Freeze!"

Guard "Don't even move a millimeter or I kid you not, I will decorate this hallway with your guts."

Guard "I thought I heard somethin' scuttlin' 'around here earlier. Figures in this creepy damn place it'd be a giant ra—"

Guard "Wha—?"



Splinter "Please forgive me..."

Page 19

"...I did not wish for this to happen."

Casey Jones "So, you gonna mope in that window all night, or you gonna come in already?"


Raph "I thought you were sleepin'. How'd you know I was there?"

Casey "Turtle B.O.'s pretty distinctive. When's the last time you had a shower, bro?"

Casey "Gotta say, with all I'm hearin' 'bout Leo, I'm surprised to see you here."

Raph "Um... Yeah, I been pretty busy, but I... I wanted to stop by and..."

Raph "...And tell you I'm sorry, man—sorry for gettin' you hurt and all the bad stuff that's happened."

Raph "If... If I could change places with you, I'd do it in a second—I swear I would."

Casey "Dude, you need to can it with that sorry crap. Last I checked, it was Shredder who gutted me, not you. You saved my butt is what you did."

Raph "Not me—my brothers. I got all berserk and outta control when you got stabbed."

Casey "And seriously cracked some Foot skull, too, from what I hear, so I don't know what yer gettin' all mushy on me for."

Raph "Thanks, Case."

Casey "Ain't nothin' to thank—we're family and we got each other's backs, no matter what."

Raph "That's what Leo always says. Or... Said."

Raph "We're all tryin' to figure out how to get him back. Mikey's out talkin' to anyone on the street who might know somethin' and Donnie's tryin' to hook us up with some high-tech gear for... Who knows what."

Raph "Hell, I even talked to Angel today, hopin' she could help. She promised to do her best."

Casey "Ain't surprised—Angel's good people. And Splinter? How's he holdin' up?"

Raph "Yeah, Father..."

Page 20

"...Him, I'm really worried about."

Splinter "Here is your mutagen, Old Hob."

Hob "Damn, that was quick. I need to have you do favors for me more often."

Splinter "No, my errand is complete. There will be no more favors—only you delivering on the promise you made me."

Splinter "I will be calling you soon, Old Hob..."

Splinter "...And I firmly recommend you respond promptly when that time comes."

Hob "Did you finish?"

Slash "Yes. Finished."

Hob "Good. Guess we're done here, then."

Slash "No more pain?"

Hob "Nope, big guy..."


Hob "...No more pain."

Page 21


Engineering the Future







"We have destroyed the enemy..."

Page 22

Karai "...Where is my grandfather?"

Foot Ninja "Karai? We did not expect y—"

Karai "Answer my question, imbecile."

Foot Ninja "The... The master is in the next room—with his chunin."

Shredder "The Savate have fallen and so, too, will the city. It is only a matter of time."

Victor "My... Hand..."

Shredder "Look out there. All that you can see will belong to us very soon..."

Shredder "...And this is only the beginning."

Karai "Yes..."

Karai "It is."

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