Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.


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Leonardo, dreaming, walks through a forest with his mother Tang Shen, telling her that he feels something isn't right, like he's missing something but he isn't sure what. His mother tells him that she feels she is to blame. Leonardo tells her it's not her fault. Tang Shen tells him that when he finds out what he has lost, he will know who is to blame.

Angel is patrolling her neighborhood when she comes across two thugs robbing a liquor store. She takes out one but the other pulls a gun on her. Luckily, right at that moment Raphael shows up and incapacitates the thug with the gun. Raphael asks why the other Purple Dragons aren't with her; she tells him they're currently going through some organizational issues (see the Hun micro-issue). Angel tells him that even if the other Dragons aren't down to help the Turtles, she'll always have their back. 

Woody Dirkins is making a pizza delivery when Michelangelo approaches him, seeking any information about the Foot Clan and Leonardo. Before he answers, Woody apologizes for abandoning Michelangelo, and Michelangelo forgives him. Woody tells him he has heard some murmurings about the Foot and the street war that's coming. 

Donatello and April approach a warehouse where Donatello's friend Harold Lilja has set up a new laboratory. Harold initially refuses to let April in as he told Donatello to come alone, but April manages to sweet talk her way in. Donatello tells Harold that his family is having serious trouble with one of their enemies (The Shredder and the Foot), and they could really use a technological advantage. Harold tells them he has been upgrading his anti-gravity gauntlets and light-refraction devices, but none of it has been tested. Harold tells them that if he does let them borrow anything, it's at their own risk. 

Two black helicopters approach the Savate's headquarters. Inside, Victor is telling his troops how close they've come to ruling the city, with all of their opponents defeated save one: the Foot Clan. He says they will strike when the Foot least expects it. At that moment, Shredder, Leonardo, and a handful of Foot ninja burst in through the window and attack. Leonardo reports to Karai that they've begun the infiltration and tells her to stand by for his command. Karai says she understands, but then ignores his order and leads Alopex and more Foot ninja in an attack on the ground floor of the building. Upstairs, Victor attempts to flee and Shredder orders Leonardo to pursue him. 

Splinter, Old Hob, and Slash stand on a hill overlooking StockGen. Hob explains the favor he needs from Splinter before he'll help him rescue Leonardo: retrieve some mutagen, so Hob can build a mutant army. Splinter tells him his plan is wrong, but reluctantly sets out to get the mutagen. Splinter easily avoids detection on his way to where the mutagen is stored.

Inside the Savate command center, Leonardo confronts Victor. The two battle and Leonardo comes out on top. As he is about to finish him off, Shredder tells him to stay his hand; he has other plans for Victor. Victor pulls out a gun in a last-ditch effort to escape but the Shredder dodges out of the way and cuts off his hand. 

Splinter, on his way back out with the mutagen, is stopped by a guard. The guard tells him not to move or he'll shoot. Splinter throws the mutagen container into the air, distracting the guard, giving him time to knock him out, catch the mutagen and make his escape. 

Raphael visits Casey in the hospital. He starts to apologize for getting Casey into this mess, but Casey tells him not to blame himself. Casey says they're family, and they always have each other's backs, no matter what. Raphael tells Casey what they've been doing to get information on the Foot and how to get Leonardo back. 

Splinter returns to Hob with the mutagen. He tells Hob to be ready when he calls on him, and that he had better honor their arrangement. After Splinter leaves, Hob asks Slash if he finished his task. Slash says yes. Hob pulls out a remote detonator and pushes the button, igniting several bombs placed around the outside of StockGen as they speed off into the night. 

In the Savate's headquarters, Shredder tells Leonardo that their last enemy has been defeated, and soon the entire city will be theirs. Karai listens in, and it becomes more apparent that she has been preparing her own plan of action, unbeknownst to Shredder.