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Oroku Saki "Quickly! The master wants this shipment delivered tonight."


Karai "Who—?"

Foot Ninja "Hrk!"

Karai "Savate!"


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Savate Ninja "Glk!"


Savate Ninja "Tuez-le—gnf!"

Karai "Foot, they must not pass!"

Foot Ninja "We are too outnumbered!"

Karai "Not for long!"


Savate Ninja "Bold talk!"


Karai "Uff!"

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Savate Ninja "But your comrade was right—our greater numbers assure our victory, little girl."

Karai " "Little girl"? You will regret those words ever left your mouth."

Savate Ninja "Will I?"

Leonardo "Yes..."

Leo "...You will."

Savate Ninja "Oh."

Leo "Destroy them."

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Karai "Not so smug now, hm, French man?"


Savate Ninja "Erf!"

Karai "Did a "little girl" steal your precious victory?"

Leo "Stop!"

Karai "But—"

Leo "No, Karai—we need him alive to deliver Master Shredder's message."

Leo "Pay very close attention."

Leo "The Foot will no longer tolerate disobedience—not from you Savate or anyone else in this city. Tonight's just a small taste of what will happen if you ignore what I'm saying."

Leo "Run and tell your leaders this is their last warning. Either obey Master Shredder..."

Leo "...Or face all-out war."

"So, Let's really part of the Foot now?"

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"Man, that... That's a hard one to swallow, Donnie."

Donatello >It's been almost two weeks since we saw him last. Things haven't been so good around here.<

Casey Jones "Yeah, April told me Raph took it pretty hard."

Donnie "We all have. But you know Raph—he doesn't always deal with stress in... Constructive ways. He's off on his own doing God knows what right now."

Donnie "And it's not just him—Master Splinter's gone, too, taking care of some kind of "urgent matter" with Old Hob and Slash."

Casey >Slash? The monster that tore up the lair?<

Donnie "The one and same, crazy as it sounds. Feels like enemies and friends are changing from one second to the next. Heck, Mikey and Slash are practically bosom buddies now."

Michelangelo "Hey, guys."

Donnie "Anyway, Mike and I gonna go look for Raph in a little bit."

Donnie >Anything's better than sitting around here doing nothing, you know?<

Casey "I hear ya. I'm gonna go nutso if I gotta stay in this stupid bed much longer."

Donnie "Okay, we better run. Really good talking to you, Casey. Hopefully we'll have better news for you next time."

Casey >Yeah—hang in there, guys.<

Mikey "See ya."

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Casey "Man, April, I hate this. I should be out there helpin' them look for Raph."

April O'Neil "No, you should be here, Casey."

April "It's too soon—you'd only hurt yourself worse and then you'd be no help to anyone."

Casey "I know. It just stinks bein' stuck here while the guys are worryin' 'bout Leo bein' gone for good."

April "I know—I want Leo back just as badly as anyone. And I know the pain the guys are going through is awful right now..."

April "...Because I went through the exact same thing with you."

Casey "Me?"

April "Yes, you. When Shredder stabbed you, I thought..."

April "...I thought I'd lost you orever."

Casey "Nah... I ain't goin' nowhere, April."

April "You better not, Casey Jones."

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Raphael "That was just a love tap, chump..."

Raph "...I ain't gonna be so nice next time if you don't start spillin' real quick."

Timmy Two Shoes "Spillin'?! What the hell're you talkin' 'bout?"

Timmy "Gah— I think you broke my tooth."

Raph "I'm talkin' about the Foot!"

Timmy "The Foot? I don't know nothin' 'bout those crazies!"

Raph "Don't play stupid with me. I kno—"

Kanada "Graah!"


Kanada "Guff!"

Raph "Dammit!"


Raph "I don't got time for this crap!"

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Timmy "Mutant freak!"

Raph "Didn't I just warn you 'bout bein' stupid?"

Timmy "I... Grk... Yeah, you... Hlrk... Did. Sorry..."

Raph "Save your apologies and listen up."

Raph "I remember you and dumbo over there from that briefcase thing with the Foot and Savate.*"

[*See TMNT Annual #1B.C.]

Raph "You were knee deep in that mess and somethin' tells me you're mixed up in the crap goin' on 'round the city right now, too."

Timmy "N-No... Urf... Man, you're wrong... Huk... We ain't—"

Raph "Shut up. I ain't done."

Raph "The Foot nearly waxed my best friend and stole my brother. I ain't gonna get him back, but I gotta find where those jackasses are keepin' him first. So, like I said, time for you to start spillin' what you know or I start spillin' more blood."

Raph "Got me?"

Timmy "Mm-hm."

Timmy "Look {Koff} Me and Kanada ain't nothin' but little fish—ask anyone. We don't know nothin' 'bout them Foot wackos. Those ninjas, they're like ghosts... Always sneakin' and hidin'."

Timmy "But there's some guys who might know. Some heavy-duty players—bigger fish who're always shakin' little folks down. They maybe could tell you more, 'cause this thing goin' on in the city, it's huge, man..."

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"...goes all the way to the top."


Victor "Raah!"

Savate Ninja "He was the last, boss. We've won."

Victor "Of course."

Marcello "Victor!"

Victor "Marcello? What brings you into the trenches, mon ami?"

Marcello "It ain't no social call, that's for sure."

Marcello "The families are gettin' a little edgy. They called a meetin' to discuss things and sent me to pick you up."

Victor "Now? I'm working, as you can see."

Marcello "You call this workin'? Looks more like pokin' a hornet's nest for no good reason."

Marcello "Let's go."

"Thank you for joining us on such short notice, Victor..."

Antonio "...We would not have called you here in such an abrupt fashion if it weren't a matter of dire concern."

Victor "Dire concern, Antonio?"

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Antonio "Yes, when you took control of the Savate, you informed us you would be making significant changes within your organization, but we never expected they would be for the worse."

Victor "Look, if you're concerned about the cops, Antonio, don't be. They know to stay out of this."

Antonio "The police are not our worry—we've dealt effectively with them for as long as the families have operated in this city."

Antonio "No, what concerns us is your overly aggressive methods, particularly as it relates to the Foot."

Antonio "Quite frankly, we never expected you to cross the lines you have, starting a war that need not be started."

Marcello "Yeah. Your old boss Fabrice woulda found a way to deal with Shredder like a real businessman—not some kung-fu-kickin' goon!"

Victor "Yes, well..."


Marcello "Grgk!"

Victor "...I am not Fabrice. And business as usual is no more."

Victor "The time has come to decide, my friends—are we predators..."

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[...Or are we prey?]


Shredder "Excellent, Koya!"

Shredder "To me!"

Shredder "I would have your report now, chunin."

Leo "Yes, Master Shredder."

Leo "We successfully engaged the Savate Ninja using a surprise counter-attack as planned—"

Leo "—And I've delivered your ultimatum to them, Master."

Karai "Yes, about that..."

Karai "...I must voice my displeasure with our recent mission."

Karai "I believe I serve a higher purpose to our Clan and our campaign than acting as simple bait, Grandfather."

Shredder "Why do you speak to me of this, Karai? It was my chunin who who made the decision to utilize you in such a manner."

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Karai "You?!"

Leo "Yes. It made tactical sense using you to lure out the Savate."

Leo "I knew once they saw a female in charge of the shipment they're get cocky and stupid, and I was right."

Karai "No... You are not right."

Karai "I will not be treated as a common Foot soldier, Master Shredder!"

Shredder "You will be whatever I decide best serves the Foot Clan, Karai."

Karai "And what of your chosen second-in-command, Master? Does he, too, best serve the Foot?"

Karai "He, who is unwilling—or unable—to dirty his own blades with the enemy's blood? Does he—"

Shredder "Silence!"

Karai "As you wish... Grandfather."

Leo "I should do some training, Master. May I also..."

Leo "...Go?"

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Shredder "Yes. You are dismissed, chunin."

Leo "I... Uh..."

Shredder "I said you may go, Leonardo."

Leo "Y-Yes... Master. Thank you."

Shredder "<Despite her impudence, Karai was correct about Leonardo, Kitsune.>"

Shredder "<As you advised, I have forbidden him to use lethal force in battle, but for how much longer must I keep this weapon sheathed? This weakness undermines my strategy and the morale of my troops.>"

Shredder "<A true chunin must be able to kill if he is to have the respect of those he leads.>"

Kitsune "<I understand, Saki, but for now your patience in this matter is yet required.>"

Kitsune "<Though Leonardo is under my control, his connection to his past life remains strong.>"

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Kitsune "<So long as his family lives, they pose a threat to our work.>"

Shredder "<Yes—an unfortunate situation that will be rectified in time, I assure you.>"

Kitsune "<And time is what I need, my lord—more time to fully break Hamato Yoshi's influence and transform Leonardo into the formidable chunin you desire.>"

Ninja "Please forgive my intrusion, Master Shredder..."

Ninja "...But an urgent delivery has arrived for you from Victor of the Savate."

Shredder "And you have inspected this package, yes?"

Ninja "I have, Master. It... It is safe, but—"

Shredder "Leave us."

Ninja "Yes, Master."

Shredder "<So... Our foe has made his decision. It appears, Kitsune...>"


Shredder "<...That your time is running out.>"

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"You know it ain't right, April..."

Angel Bridge (flashback) "...A good guy like Casey don't deserve to suffer like this, but that loser dad of his sure as hell does."

Arnold Jones "No more."

Arnold "No more!"


Hun (Arnold) "No more."

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"Back for more, rat..."

Old Hob "...Why ain't I suprised?"


Hob "So... What can I do you for?"

Splinter "Old Hob, my son Leonardo is serving the Foot against his will. I will not allow this to continue."

Splinter "However, my family does not possess the resources necessary to confront the Foot if we are to have any chance at saving Leonardo—"

Splinter "—Resources, perhaps, that you can provide."

Hob "Heh. I knew you had smarts enough to figure a mutant army was a good idea."

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Hob "I gotta ask you, though—what makes you so sure your lost pup ain't with the Foot on purpose? Could be he likes workin' for the Shredder."

Splinter "No, you are wrong! My son is an honorable warrior and would never join forces with evil of his own volition!"

Splinter "Never!"

Hob "Okay, okay... Just askin' is all. Cool yer jets."

Splinter "You must understand, Old Hob, my priority is to see my son out of harm's way."

Splinter "For this reason, I am willing to earnestly consider your offer to join you—but only if you first agree to assist me in Leonardo's rescue."

Splinter "Without the safe return of my son, there can be no deal between us."

Hob "Fair enough—but I ain't one for handshake agreements. I'm gonna need proof you're serious."

Hob "I need a little job done—perfect gig for you. We'll just call it a good-faith kinda thing—"

Hob "—Do it for me and then we'll start workin' on gettin' your kid back."

Splinter "I am listening."

Hob "Yeah? Well, listen good..."

Hob "...'Cause you're messin' with the big guns now."

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Frank Corbin "Look, Miller, we both know nothin' good comes from dealin' with these damn ninjas—let alone double dealin'."

Richard Miller "Hey, it ain't like we're the only cops workin' with 'em. Way I see it, if the Foot and the Savate both wanna grease us to stay outta their little street ruckus..."

Miller "...Far be it from me to talk 'em outta sharin' their loot."

Corbin "I dunno. Those ninjas are sneaky bas—grk!"


Miller "Who the—?! Are you crazy, man? We're cops."

Raph "Yeah—I heard all about you crooked scumbags. Real big fish."

Miller "Big fish? What are—"

Raph "Shut up. You're gonna tell me where the Foot are hidin' or, unlike your pal, you're gonna get the business end of my sai..."

Raph "...Understood?"

Miller "Crap."


Raph "Uff!"

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Mikey "You should totally run, dudes."

Miller "C'mon, Corbin—we're outta here!"

Corbin "Hate... Stinkin'... Ninjas..."

Raph "Donnie! What the hell?!"

Raph "I was just about to find out where Leo is!"

Donnie "No—you were about to poke a cop's eye out!"

Donnie "You're out of control, Raph!"

Raph "I'll show you out of con—"

Mikey "Knock it off, Raph!"

Mikey "I'm so tired of you guys fightin' all the time! Like a bunch of big babies—and you're the biggest one of all, Raph!"

Mikey "Me and Donnie spent the whole day chasin' your messes all over time. You say you wanna help Leo, but all I seen was you tearin' up stuff and stompin' people... And that's not helpin' anyone!"

Mikey "And now you wanna fight your own brothers? Damn, dude. What's your problem?"

Page 20

Raph "Gah, I know it's stupid. It's just... It's all my fault. If I didn't let Casey get taken by the Foot, if I didn't lose it when Shredder hurt 'im... Leo wouldn't be gone like this."

Raph "I don't know what's makin' Leo do this crazy stuff. I just know it's all on me, and I gotta do somethin' to fix it."

Raph "We all finally found each other and now, 'cause of my stupid temper, we're broken again."

Donnie "Yeah, well... You should know something, Raph—during that time you were lost, Mikey and I were ready to give up on you when it seemed hopeless."

Mikey "Yeah, but Leo wouldn't let us quit—not once. He was gonna find you, no matter how long it took."

Donnie "He was always our leader—no matter how much I used to fight him about it."

Donnie "And Leo'd be the first one to tell you this isn't your fault, Raph. Bad things happen sometimes—that's just life."

Donnie "You can't control it, so you gotta quit beating yourself up, man... Not to mention every lowlife thug and crooked cop in this city."

Donnie "It's time for us to be the team Leo made us into."

Donnie "Working together is the only way we're gonna get through this. The only way we're gonna save him."

Raph "I..."

Raph "...Yeah, you're right, Don. Thanks."

Mikey "Awesome! So where do we start, team?"

Donnie "Well, what would Leo say?"

Raph "Heh—that's easy. He'd say..."

Page 21

"...We need a plan."

"My chunin and I will lead the attack against the Savate headquarters..."

Shredder "...Striking at the heart of their command center under cover of darkness, crushing the enemy where they live."

Shredder "Karai and Alopex will follow in the secondary strike unit, acting as clean-up for any enemy combatants the vanguard leaves behind."

Shredder "Come, Leonardo."

Alopex "This is all wrong."

Karai "What is, Alopex?"

Alopex "Doesn't it bother you, being put on the second-string like this, Karai?"

Alopex "I mean, after all you've done for the Foot, to have to step aside for that... That reptile?"

Karai "Alopex, it is never wise to overestimate one's importance. We all serve the Foot, regardless of rank, and should never think we are irreplaceable."

Karai "But the wise warrior always has an alternate plan prepared..."

Page 22

"...Just in case."

Rocksteady "Rock 'n roll!"

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