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The issue begins approximately two weeks after the events of City Fall Part 3. Karai is leading a group of Foot Clan ninja in delivering a shipment of equipment, when they are attacked by the Savate. The Savate have come in greater numbers, and the Foot are about to be finished off when Leonardo shows up with more Foot ninja. The Foot dispose of all but one Savate ninja, letting him go free to relay a message to Victor, the leader of the Savate, that the Foot Clan will tolerate no disobedience from the other criminal organizations. 

April is visiting Casey in the hospital and they are video-chatting with Donatello and Michelangelo on a laptop. Donatello tells them about how they've all been looking for Leonardo and how Raphael is taking it pretty rough. Don also tells them Master Splinter is out on a mission with Old Hob and Slash. After the video call, Casey expresses his displeasure with being confined to a hospital bed. April reminds him that it's the best place for him at the moment, and that she wishes Leo was found just as much as everyone else because she knows the pain of losing someone, as she thought she had lost Casey when the Shredder injured him. The two kiss. 

Raphael is attempting to beat information on the Foot out of a low-life thug outside the Skara Brae (one of the thugs from the TMNT 2012 Annual). The thug doesn't have any real information to give him, but does tell him about two corrupt cops who are being paid off by the Foot and the Savate, among other criminal organizations. 

Victor and some Savate ninja have just finished off a group of Foot ninja. Marcello, an enforcer for the Italian Mafia arrives in a car to take Victor to a meeting of all the crime family bosses. They are meeting to discuss the recent escalating conflict between the Foot Clan and all the other families. The head of the Mafia, Antonio, voices his displeasure at the Savate's violent approach to dealing with the Foot. Victor says they have it handled when Marcello speaks out, causing Victor to slay him, to emphasize his point.

Shredder is on the rooftop of one of the Foot's hideouts falconing while Kitsune gardens while Leonardo and Karai report in. Leonardo tells him that their plan to launch a surprise ambush on the Savate worked, using Karai and some Foot as bait. Karai voices her displeasure about being used as bait. Kitsune learns that this was Leonardo's idea and not the Shredder's and is upset. As Karai and Leonardo are dismissed, Leonardo has a flashback to his previous life in Japan, seeing his mother and Master Splinter in his previous life as Hamato Yoshi, showing that the brainwashing has not been completely effective. Because of this, Shredder has had to forbid Leonardo from using lethal force in battle, as it may snap him out of the mind control put on him by Kitsune. A Foot ninja arrives with a package from the Savate for Shredder, containing a severed Foot ninja hand and a note that reads "WAR". Shredder tells Kitsune to hurry up and strengthen her hold on Leonardo, so that he may be effectively used during the coming battles. As long as Splinter and the Turtles live, Leonardo's mind control will not be one hundred percent. 

Arnold Jones is brooding in front of the bathroom mirror. He thinks back on overhearing Angel say that he deserved to be hurt in Casey's place. In a fit of rage, he breaks the bathroom mirror and rips off his shirt, revealing his Purple Dragon tattoo from his gangbanging days. 

Splinter enters a house with a Purple Dragon gang sign on it. Inside is Hob, in a very well-stocked room of guns and ammunition. Splinter tells him that if Hob helps them resuce Leonardo, he will agree to Hob's proposal and team-up with him and Slash. Hob agrees, on the condition that Splinter help him with something beforehand.

Raphael has tracked down the two corrupt cops (also from the 2012 TMNT Annual). Raphael is about to start trying to beat more information out of them when Donatello and Michelangelo show up and tell him he's out of control. Raphael is about to attack Donatello for stopping him when Michelangelo tells him to knock it off. Raphael says he was trying so hard to find Leonardo because he blames the whole situation on himself. They decide that if they really want to find Leonardo, they need to start acting like the team he trained them to be. 

Shredder stands on a rooftop with Leonardo, Karai, and Alopex, scoping out the Savate headquarters and planning their attack. Shredder and Leonardo will lead the first wave of attack, and Karai and Alopex will lead the second wave and act as a clean-up crew. As they board a helicopter back to the Foot's hideout, Alopex asks Karai if she's upset at being upstaged by Leonardo. Karai says the wise warrior never overestimates their importance, but also always has a back-up plan. 

The final scene shows Bebop and Rocksteady in the midst of mutating into their warthog and rhinoceros hybrid forms.