Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

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Shredder "<Granddaughter.>"

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Oroku Karai "<Grandfather, I... I did not know you were watching me.>"

Shredder "<Your technique—Korean, yes? Geonmu?>"

Karai "<Yes, Grandfather. It is one of many forms I use when training.>"

Shredder "<I see.>"

Shredder "<Training has ended for today. The time has come to use your katana for something more important than dancing about.>"

Shredder "<Are you prepared for the coming battle with Yoshi and his brood?>"

Karai "<Of course I am ready, Master Shredder.>"

Karai "<If I may ask, how can you be certain the mutants will find us?>"


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Mrs. Jones (dream) "I knew I'd find you here, Casey."

Mrs. Jones (d) "You always did hit the rink when things got rough."

Casey Jones (d) "Mom?"

Mrs. Jones (d) "That slip shot of yours is getting pretty wicked, kiddo."

Mrs. Jones (d) "You're definitely your father's son when it comes to muscles."

Casey (d) "Mom... About Dad. I... I really tried to do what you asked, what I promised, but he—"

Mrs. Jones (d) "Shhh... Your dad's no longer your concern, Casey."

Mrs. Jones (d) "You did everything you could to help him and I'm so proud of you. But he's on his own path now. He's not your responsibility anymore."

Mrs. Jones (d) "And it's time for you to wake up, hon."

Casey (d) "Mom, are... Are you an angel now?"

"...Angel... Now..."

"...Angel... Think he's... Waking up now..."

Casey "Wh-Where...?"

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April O'Neil "Oh, Casey, thank God!"

Casey "Gahh... I feel like crud. What... What happened?"

April "YOu almost died, that's what happened!"

Angel Bridge "Yes, Jones—next time you need attention, do us all a favor and write a poem or somethin', okay?"

Casey "Very... Funny, Angel. You should know gettin' the crap kicked outta you is... Way easier than writin' stuff."

Casey "Oh, man! Raph! We got jumped by the Foot and—"

April "Raph's okay, Casey—he and Splinter came with us when we brought you to the hospital. But they had to go look for Leo."

Casey "Leo? Why?"

April "He disappeared after their big fight with Shredder and Karai."

Casey "Disappeared? What are y—gah!"

April "Casey, you just had major surgery—you need to rest."

Angel "Yeah, man, you got hurt pretty bad. We got a ton to catch you up on, so just chill and we'll tell ya everything."

Casey "Yeah... Yeah, okay. But... Do me a favor..."

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"...Start with what the heck's goin' on with the turtles."

Raphael "You sure this is the right place, Hob?"

Old Hob "Positive. What makes you think I'm lyin'?"

Hob "Well, I ain't."

Donatello "Fine..."

Donnie "Now we just have to figure out..."

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Donnie "...How to get in there."

Hob "Leave that to me."

Raph "Man, I sincerely do not trust this flea-biter."

Donnie "Yeah—he sure seems to conveniently have all the answers, doesn't he?"

Splinter "I agree with your concerns, my sons. But I do believe Old Hob knows where Leonardo is—that is enough to convince me to follow him."

Donnie "Hey... Where's Mikey?"

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Slash "Rrrgghhh..."

Michelangelo "Dude, chillax... You don't gotta be so grumpy. Have a candy bar—you'll love it."


Mikey "Smells yummy, huh? Don't worry—it won't hurt you."

Mikey "Donnie told me chocolate makes dogs sick, so I'm savin' this one for that stupid mutt Alopex."

Raph "C'mon, Mikey! Time to get Leo."

Mikey "Gotta go. Hob says you're stayin' here, so when this is all done, I'll come back and show you pizza, promise!"

Slash "Can..."

Skash "...Dee!"

Mikey "Hey, guys, turns out Slash ain't such a bad dude after all. He didn't try to eat me or nothin'."

Raph "Only you, Mikey... Only you."

Hob "Yo, ladies..."

Hob "...We doin' this thing or what?"

Splinter "Yes, Old Hob. Lead the way..."

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"...We will follow you."

Donnie "Breaking and entering? Seriously?"

Hob "Yeah, because knocking would be so much better, right, turtle?"


Hob "After you."

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Raph "What? No more leadin' the way?"

Hob "Hey, it's a dark room and you got the pointy knives and sticks—I'll gladly follow."

Mikey "Whoa... It is dark in here."

Donnie "Mikey, quiet!"


Mikey "What the—?!"

Splinter "Hob!"


Raph "Dammit, Hob! I knew you were full of crap!"

Hob "You say crap, little turtle, I say brains. You might be a buncha death-wish idiots..."

Hob "...But I sure as hell ain't no dummy."

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Raph "Stinkin' fleabag, I oughta—"

Splinter "Let him go, Raphael. Old Hob did what he promised."

Shredder "Hamato Yoshi... So kind of you to join us."

Mikey "Uh-oh."

Splinter "It is not kindness that drives this visit, Oroku Saki."

Splinter "Show yourself—I would speak with you now."

Shredder "But of course."


Shredder "Welcome, Yoshi, to the beginning..."

Shredder "...And the end."

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Donnie "I don't see Leo anywhere."

Raph "Nah... Just pinhead, his bowl-cut brat, and that mangy pooch."

Splinter "Remain calm and on guard. I will speak to Saki—do not instigate anything yet, my sons."

Splinter "Is that understood, Raphael?"

Raph "But I, uh... Um..."

Raph "Yeah, okay. Understood."

Splinter "We are here for my son, Oroku Saki... For Leonardo. We have been told you hold him prisoner. We demand his immediate return."

Splinter "Blood need not be shed this day, but be aware—we will use all means necessary to retrieve our loved one."

Shredder "Ah, but I would expect no less, Yoshi, though I must inform you that blood has already been spilled."

Shredder "I told you tonight belongs to beginnings and endings, did I not?"

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"Even as we speak, my ninja are moving to tighten my grip all across this great city..."

"...Cutting down any and all who dare oppose my rule."

"My long-awaited destiny is finally at hand..."

"...And I will crush anyone foolish enough to stand in my way."

Page 13

Shredder "Sadly, however, you will not be alive to witness my ultimate triumph, Yoshi."

Shredder "Tonight I end the nuisance you have presented to me over two lifetimes."

Splinter "You are sorely mistaken if you believe for even one second that I care for your criminal wars or your arrogant threats."

Splinter "Return my son to me, Oroku Saki."

Shredder "Your son is no more, Yoshi."

Splinter "This... This cannot be."

Splinter "Hear me now, devil. If I cannot have my son..."

Splinter "...I will have your head!"


Leonardo "No..."

Page 14

Leo "...I will not allow you to harm my master."

Page 15

Splinter "My son... You live."

Splinter "But why are you—"


Splinter "Grff!"

Leo "No, rodent..."

Leo "...You are wrong."


Leo "I am not your son."

Page 16

Raph "Oh, hell no!"

Donnie "It's still Leo, guys!"

Mikey "Don't hurt him, Raph!"

Raph "What the hell, Leo?! That's our father!"

Leo "I already said..."

Leo "...He is not my father!"


Mikey "What's going on?!"

Donnie "Mikey..."

Donnie "...Watch out!"


Page 17

Donnie "Leo! Stop this!"



Donnie "Grrkk..."

Mikey "No!"




Page 18

Raph "All right, big bro, you want rough..."

Raph "...I'll give you rough!"



Raph "Wha—?!"

Raph "Guh!"



Page 19

Mikey "Leo, please... No..."

Shredder "Enough!"

Shredder "Lower your sword, Leonardo. You have proven yourself a worthy chunin."

Karai "Master—why do you not allow Leonardo to execute him?"

Shredder "Because, Karai..."

"...The rat is mine."

Shredder "You may have the rest."

Page 20


Raph "Damn."

Donnie "Guys..."

Donnie "...Run!"

Mikey "Where?!"

Donnie "The door we came in! We'll bust it open—c'mon!"

Raph "Ragh!"

Donnie "No!"

Mikey "Oh, man, they're everywhere!"

Raph "Just means plenty of butt to kick! Bring it!"

Shredder "Yes, mutant..."

Shredder "...We intend to."

Page 21


Mikey "Slash!"

Slash "Raaargh!"

Slash "Can-dee?!"

Mikey "You know it, big dude! Soon as we get outta here!"

Donnie "The wall's giving way! Now or never, guys!"

Mikey "Let's go, Slash!"

Raph "This ain't over, punks!"

Splinter "Leonardo..."

Page 22

Donnie "Okay, we're in the clear."

Raph "Hob! I'm gonna skin you alive!"

Hob "Whoa! Easy! Why you so ticked off at me? You're still breathin' ain'tcha?"

Raph "You took us to a freakin' meat grinder!"

Hob "And I got you outta the meat grinder!"

Hob "I told the Foot I could deliver you, and I did. That gets the top dog off this cat's back. With what's comin' to this city, that's priceless. Not my fault he didn't know I had another turtle up my sleeve."

Hob "Way I see it, I'm square with everyone. And the offer to you to join my gang still stands."

Raph "You can take your offer and shove it, fleabag. We'll never join your freakshow."

Donnie "And quit flattering yourself, Hob—that was Slash saving our butts back there, not you."

Mikey "Here you go, buddy. Good boy."

Slash "Can... Dee!"

Hob "No luck gettin' the other little greenie back, huh? Let me guess—he went and got himself a new daddy, right?"

Donnie "Dammit, Hob, not now, all right?"

Donnie "Just..."

Donnie "...Not now."

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