Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

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April O'Neil "We're almost there..."

April "...I called ahead, so they should be ready for us."

Splinter "Let us hope they are, Miss O'Neil. He has lost much blood. I fear without proper medical care, he has little time."

Raphael "Oh, God... Casey..."


Alopex "We are nearly there, Master..."

Alopex "...Kitsune and her priests are standing by."

Shredder "Excellent."

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Nurse "What happened?"

Angel Bridge "What the hell's it look like?! He was stabbed!"

April "I'll be just a sec, Angel."

April "Coast's clear, guys."

April "I'm gonna head inside, see if I can help in any way."

Splinter "Thank you, Miss O'Neil—we must go."

Splinter "Donatello and Michelangelo are searching for Leonardo with orders to meet us at the lair in one hour."


Oroku Karai "What do you require next, Grandfather?"

Shredder "There is nothing I need from you, Karai."

Shredder "You are both dismissed."

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Doctor "Take him to O.R.-3 and get him prepped ASAP! I'll be there in five minutes!"

Shredder "Quickly, you fools!"

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Doctor "Your friend's in pretty bad shape, Miss—mind telling me what happened?"

Angel "I already told that other guy—he got mugged and stabbed."

Doctor "Let me guess—the mugger had a sword, right? We've been getting a lot of these kind of "muggings" lately—you know, the sword kind—and I'm wondering why that is."

Doctor "No answer, huh?"

Doctor "Well, wait here if you want. I need to go save your friend's life."

April "What'd he say, Angel?"

Angel "Nothin' good."

Shredder "<You understand how important the next phase is, yes, Kitsune?>"

Kitsune "<Of course. I will deliver the faithful and adept chunin you desire, just as I conquested death's dark dominion to bring you to this new age.*>"

Kitsune "<Our ultimate destiny is within reach, Saki, I promise.>"

Shredder "<My destiny, Kitsune.>"

Kitsune "<Ah... Just so, my lord. Just so.>"

Karai "Does Kitsune have need of assistance, Master?"

Shredder "No, Karai..."

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"...What comes next requires a singular mastery possessed only by an extraordinary few."

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Michelangelo "Father! Raph! Is Casey...?"

Splinter "He is at the hospital, Michelangelo. The doctors have him now."

Splinter "And what of Leonardo?"

Donatello "Um... We looked everywhere around the docks, Sensei, high and low..."

Donnie "...But this is the only clue we could find."

Splinter "His... Sword? Then the Foot"


Mikey "Uh, guys... That might not be the only clue..."

Mikey "...Check it out!"

Donnie "Great. Now we have to worry about Hob knowing where we live."

Mikey "But... What if he can help us like it says?"

Raph "Don't be stupid, Mike. This is Hob, remember? We don't even know if he's talkin' 'bout Leo."

Splinter "No... We do not. Yet, I find it difficult to believe the timing of this note is mere coincidence."

Splinter "If there is even the slightest possibility Old Hob has information that helps us find Leonardo, then we must heed his invitation."

Splinter "In the meantime, we can only hope..."

Page 7

"...That your brother remains unharmed, wherever he may be."

Kitsune "So, it is only you and I now."

Kitsune "I am called Kitsune."

Kitsune "What I am is beyond your mortal comprehension. And yet, despite appearances, I am nothing you need fear."

Kitsune "I pose no threat to you. I am simply here to guide you..."

Kitsune "...To uncover your eyes and show you the true menace that lurks within the darkest shadows of your life."

Kitsune "And reveal to you where your ultimate salvation lies!"

Page 8 & 9

"And where better to start, young Leonardo, than the beginning?"

Splinter (false memory) "My son, you need not fear."

"The beginning of the lies."

Splinter (fm) "I will always protect you from harm."

Splinter (fm) "You will always be safe with me, in our home."

Splinter (fm) "Do you see? All is well. Father has even brought a gift for you."

Splinter (fm) "Where is your gratitude?"

Leonardo (fm) "You said... Said you would keep us safe!"

Leo (fm) "Help!"

Splinter (fm) "You disappoint me, my pupil."

Shredder (fm) "It is all right, Leonardo!"

Shredder (fm) "I am here now!"

Leo (fm) "You... You saved me."

Shredder (fm) "A true sensei knows what is needed when danger approaches—always action, never words."

Shredder (fm) "Now, run, child..."

Shredder (fm) "...Run!"

Page 10 & 11

Leo (fm) "Wha... Now?"

Leo (fm) "Oh, no."

"Oh, yes, Leonardo. Do you begin to see? The broken promises... The empty words..."

"...The deeds of lowly vermin."

Leo (fm) "No! Get away from me!"

Shredder (fm) "Leonardo! This way—quickly!"

Leo (fm) "Master?!"


Leo (fm) "Wh-Whoa!"

Splinter (fm) "Fool. You are not aware of your surroundings."

Splinter (fm) "Have I trained you so poorly?"

Leo (fm) "But... F-Father... Grk... You... You called to me..."

Splinter (fm) "I did no such thing."

Leo (fm) "No!"

Leo (fm) "Aaaaahhh"

Shredder (fm) "Be strong..."

Shredder (fm) "...I have you."

Leo (fm) "Wait—that was you... Your voice I heard."

Shredder (fm) "Yes. I was calling you away from the weakness that stifles your true potential. Now..."

Shredder (fm) "...Leave it behind!"

Page 12

Angel "This stuff tastes like sludge, but at least it packs a punch. Seems like we've been here forever and they still ain't tellin' us nothin'."

April "Maybe no news is good news. He was hurt so badly."

April "Um... Angel, there's something I wanna ask—if it's not too personal."

April "Earlier tonight, you said Casey's the only reason you're not in jail or dead and... Well, I'm wondering what you meant."

Angel "Oh... That."

Angel "Casey's old man and mine used to be total badasses. And best friends—real tight."

Angel "Anyway, me and Casey were born 'round the same time, and our dads both tried to get on the right track. My dad started runnin' the Skara Brae and Casey's dad did some construction. They stayed close, so me and Casey kinda grew up together."

Angel "But then Casey's mom got sick and his dad started boozin' big time—and it got way worse after she died."

Angel "Then my mom... She got killed in a car crash and, well... I didn't handle it so good—started runnin' with the Dragons, raisin' all kinda hell, totally outta control."

Angel "So, Casey... He stepped in when it got really bad, knocked some sense into me before I got into serious trouble. Turned my stupid butt around 'fore it was too late."

Angel "I mean, he... He lost his mom, too, you know? His dad was a trainwreck and, still, he took care of me when I was all screwed up. He... He saved me."

April "Wow."

Doctor "Ladies... You can see your friend now."

Page 13

April "How is he, Doctor?"

Doctor "It's still too early to tell. He lost a lot of blood, but the transfusions should take care of that."

Doctor "The stab wounds may be another story. No vital organs were damaged, but he did suffer significant trauma, particularly to the abdominal region."

Doctor "He also showed signs of blunt force injuries to the head. Are you sure he was only stabbed?"

Angel "He plays hockey."

Doctor "Not anymore—whether he's fortunate enough to survive this or not."

Doctor "I'll leave you alone now."

Doctor "Um... Pardon me."

April "Poor Casey. Do you think we should call his dad, Angel?"

Angel "I already called my pop at the bar—told him to pass the message to Casey's dad, but that worthless drunk'll probably be too wasted to give a crap, anyways."

Angel "You know, it ain't right, April. A good guy like Casey don't deserve to suffer like this..."

Angel "...But that loser dad of his sure as hell does."

"Yes, flee..."

Page 14 & 15

"...But you cannot escape the truth."

"Like a monster seeking prey in the night, the truth..."

Slash (fm) "Rraargh!"

"...Will hunt you down."

Leo (fm) "I won't let you hurt my family!"

Slash (fm) "I'll kill you and them!"

Splinter (fm) "What do you think you are doing, Leonardo?!"

Splinter (fm) "Sheathe your weapon!"

Leo (fm) "But... Family is everything! I have to kill him!"

Splinter (fm) "No, foolish boy—you do not kill ever."

Leo (fm) "No... You're wrong!"

Leo (fm) "If you can't protect us..."

Leo (fm) "...Then I will."

Leo (fm) "Where...?"

Shredder (fm) "He is gone, Leonardo..."

Shredder (fm) "...But you used all necessary means to defend yourself."

Shredder (fm) "This is never wrong."

Shredder (fm) "Take this—a reminder of what you have learned today."

Shredder (fm) "Strength is everything..."

Page 16 & 17

"...And it should always be used to protect yourself and your clan, no matter the cost."

Donnie (fm) "Help, Leo! Please!"

Mikey (fm) "He's gonna kill us!"

Leo (fm) "Nobody messes with my brothers!"

Leo (fm) "Do you hear me?!"


Leo (fm) "Nobody!"


Leo (fm) "Nobody."

Leo (fm) "Holy... Did you guys see that?"

Mikey (fm) "Bye, Leo."


Leo (fm) "Noooooooo!"


Leo (fm) "You! How—How could you?"

Leo (fm) "How could you?"

Shredder (fm) "Because, that is his nature, Leonardo..."

Shredder (fm) "...To fail you at each and every turn."

Leo (fm) "I... I did what I had to do—killed to protect my clan, but... But I failed, too. They still died."

Shredder (fm) "No, you acted as a true and loyal warrior, Leonardo, and because you did, your true clan is not dead."

"The time has come at least to open your eyes—"


Page 18

Raph "I still think this is a waste of time. That freakin' cat's nothin' but trouble—why the hell would he ever wanna help us?"

Splinter "I do not know, Raphael, but I believe we will soon learn the answer—"

Splinter "—Old Hob is there... Just ahead. Move with caution, my sons."

Donnie "I think we left caution behind at the church."

Raph "Yo, Hob! You got two minutes before my better judgment kicks in!"

Old Hob "Hmph. Didn't think you'd show."

Donnie "Oh, crap! Is that—?"

Raph "Slash!"

Mikey "I knew Leo didn't kill him!"

Donnie "And now we know how Hob found the church."

Hob "You can lower that hardware—we ain't here lookin' for a scrap."

Splinter "Then what is it you seek, Old Hob?"

Hob "I'm lookin' to help you get back that lost pup of yours."

Hob "A little bird told me where he is."

Raph "Damn fleabag's just feedin' us a buncha bull. He don't know nothin'."

Hob "You're wrong."

Page 19

Hob "Look, it ain't no secret we've had our share of squabbles. But that was then... And this is now."

Hob "In case you haven't noticed, things're gettin' pretty damn dicey in the city—big ol' street war gettin' ready to blow up in everyone's faces. The time to pick sides is comin' real fast, whether you like it or not."

Hob "See, we're all mixed up in someone else's fight—the stinkin' humans—bein' used and abused like their little pets to get them what they want."

Hob "Well... No more."

Hob "The humans might need us, but we sure as hell don't need them. We're stronger, smarter... Better in every way. A mutant army would smash them in a heartbeat."

Hob "That's why I asked you here—I want you in my army. Not under me, but with me. And, to prove I'm legit, I'll show you where Leonardo is. You'll see real quick it ain't me and Slash you gotta worry about."

Hob "It's humans..."

Hob "...Always humans."

Raph "Yep, I knew it—nothin' but bull."

Splinter "Yet, it appears we have no choice but to trust you, Old Hob... For now."

Splinter "Take me to my son—and if it turns out you are not lying and we are able to retrieve him, then, perhaps, I will consider your offer."

Hob "Hey..."

Hob "...That's all I'm askin'."

Page 20 & 21

Leo (fm) "Where...?"

Clown (Splinter) (fm) "Ah, I see you've returned alone..."

Clown (fm) "...An utter failure."

Leo (fm) "No, you're wrong. You're the failure."

Leo (fm) "All this time, all your promises to protect, to train... All lies. You pretended to be my master... My father!"

Clown (fm) "And like a trusting imbecile, you believed it all."

Leo (fm) "Why lie to your own son? Why?"

Clown (fm) "Fool—you are not my sons. My sons..."

Clown (fm) "...Are dead."

Leo (fm) "No."

Leo (fm) "Aaahhhg!"

Mikey Zombie (fm) "Grrarg!"


Leo (fm) "Enough!"


Leo (fm) "I've had enough!"


Leo (fm) "Enough."

Splinter (fm) "Hahahaha!"

Splinter (fm) "A failure! Always a failure!"

Shredder (fm) "No, Hamato Yoshi..."


Splinter (fm) "Glrgk!"

Shredder (fm) "It is you who have failed."

Shredder (fm) "Do you see the reality now, Leonardo—the true monster behind the lies? The pathetic vermin who would have you perish through weakness and uncertainty?"

Leo (fm) "Yes."

Shredder (fm) "Then you are ready at last."

Leo (fm) "Yes..."

Page 22

Leo "...Master!"

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