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April, Angel, Splinter and Raphael rush Casey to the hospital while Donatello and Michelangelo search the area around the docks for Leonardo. Paralleling the scene, Shredder, Karai and Alopex rush Leonardo back to one of the Foot's hideouts. April and Angel arrive at the hospital and get Casey inside; Splinter and Raph head home to meet Donnie and Mikey. Arriving at their hideout, Shredder dismissed Karai and Alopex and brings Leo to Kitsune. Casey is brought to an operating room while Leo is brought to a room Kitsune has prepared for a magic ritual. 

At the Turtles' home, Donnie and Mikey present the only clue they could find to Splinter, one of Leo's katanas. However, they also show him the message they found scrawled on their wall when they arrived, an invitation from Hob to meet near the East River at midnight. At the Foot's hideout, Kitsune uses powerful dark magic to warp Leonardo's memories, altering them so that Splinter appears to be his enemy and the Shredder his ally. He even hallucinates that Splinter has killed his brothers, leaving him devastated.

In the hospital waiting room, Angel tells April about some of her and Casey's history – how their dad's were friends who had them around the same time, letting them grow up together. Angel tells April how she lost her mother in a car accident and didn't cope well, taking to running with the street gange the Purple Dragons. It was Casey that kept her from getting too deep into the gang lifestyle and winding up in jail or dead. The doctor brings them into Casey's room and tells them his condition is stable but he will likely never play hockey again. April wonders if they should call Casey's dad, but Angel already told her dad to tell him, saying he'd probably be too drunk to care anyways. Casey's dad, who was about to enter the room, overhears, and leaves.

Splinter, Raphael, Donatello and Michelangelo arrive at the meeting point and find Hob with Slash. Hob tells them he knows where Leonardo is, and he can help them get him back. Hob says he can sense tension in the city escalating, and they need to choose sides. He offers to partner up with the Turtles, despite their past altercations. Splinter says if he really can lead them to Leonardo, he will consider the offer. At the Foot's hideout, Kitsune's work is complete, and Leonardo accepts the Shredder as his new master.




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