Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

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Shredder "<Our rivals, the Savate, have recently found a new leader... *>"


"<A warrior named Victor, who opposes my authority.>"

"<Recent Savate advancements have... Emboldened other underworld elements to follow suit.>"

"<These new allies have successfully raided our materiel shipments.>"

"<We continue to meet Victor's challenges at every turn...>"

"<...But he remains stubborn.>"

Shredder "<My patience for such matters is at an end.>"

Kitsune "<What, then, do you propose, Oroku Saki?>"

Shredder "<What we have always done, Kitsune...>"

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Shredder "<...Embrace our destiny.>"

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Raphael "Can we go or what, Casey?"

Raph "I don't know 'bout you, man, but I'm gettin' bored—"

"—Of starin' at your old man drinkin' the place dry."

Casey Jones "Sorry, Raph. It's just... Man, don't he look bad to you? I mean, more than normal?"

Raph "Yeah, well..."

Raph "...You'd think a beatdown from Master Splinter woulda sobered his butt up. Guess some chumps never learn, huh?"

Casey "Yeah... Maybe."

Casey "C'mon, let's go—I've seen enough."

Raph "Finally!"

Raph "Dude, after all the nasty crap that guy did to you, I got no clue why you waste time checkin' in on him."

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Casey "I know it don't make sense, but I made a promise to my mom, so I'm doin' it for her."

Casey "Mostly."

Raph "Well, I came out to kick some bad-guy butt, not watch you kick your own, okay? So why don't—"

Oroku Karai "Foot! Attack!"

Casey "Damn! Where the hell'd these guys come from?!"

Raph "You're askin' me?!"

Casey "Don't you got ninja super-sense or somethin'?"

Raph "Yeah, I learned that right after I figured out how to shoot lasers from my eyes. Sheesh!"

Casey "There's a ton of these g—"


Casey "Hrk!"

Raph "Casey!"

Page 5

Raph "Stinkin'... Dirty... Foot scum..."

Raph "I'm gonna kick all your—"

Karai "Bring down the mutant!"

Karai "Bind his wrists!"

Raph "Graagh!"

Karai "And silence him!"

Raph "Mmmmmff..."

Karai "Quickly!"



Page 6

Raph "Mrrmff! Erfmf!"

Karai "So, mutant..."

Karai "...We meet again."

Karai "The discomfort you are experiencing is only temporary."

Karai "It will end soon...when you perish."

Karai "Driver! Take us to the docks!"

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Ninja "The mutant is gone."

Karai "Yes..."

Page 8

"...All is going to plan."

Splinter "Hyah!"


Leonardo "Whoa!"

Leo "I didn't even see that coming, Master Splinter."

Splinter "That is because, by bringing the shinai to my left shoulder in a katsugi—just so—I drew your attention to my surprise motion..."

Splinter "...And you opened yourself to my attack as a result."

Splinter "The full technique is called katsugi men—an excellent maneuver if practiced sparingly. If overused, an experienced opponent will look to counter katsugi with debana waza."

Leo "Good to know."

Donatello "So I've even got sensors set up in the church... Here and here."

April O'Neil "Wow! You've been busy, Donnie."

Donnie "Well, if Slash taught us anything, it's that you can't be too careful."

After Fire

Michelangelo "And don't forget Hob and those stupid Mousers."

Donnie "No, Mikey—nobody's forgotten them."

Donnie "And now that security's set, we can get to testing this ooze you took from StockGen and working on the Technodrome problem."

Page 9

Beep Beep Beep

April "What in the world?"

Beep Beep Beep

Donnie "Somebody's in the church. Probably just Casey and Raph coming ba—"

Raph "Raagh!"

April "Um, that didn't sound like Casey or Raph."

Mikey "Oh, man! I think it's Slash! It's Slash, isn't it?!"

Splinter "Remain calm, Michelangelo."

Raph "What's everyone just standin' around for? We gotta get goin'—they got Casey!"

Splinter "Raphael—you must gather yourself. What hap—"

Raph "WE don't got time! They took Casey and we gotta go get him back!"

Leo "Slow down, Raph—who took Casey?"

Raph "Karai and those Foot freaks—bunch of 'em jumped us. I got away but Casey got knocked cold and I think they were takin' him to the docks."

Raph "I'm tellin' ya, we gotta get movin'!"

April "Oh no."

Page 10

Leo "Whoa, whoa, whoa... Hold on. If they ambushed you, then it was obviously a trap. And if they know you escaped, then they've got to be expecting a rescue."

Leo "We need to think about this, because going from one trap to another is strategically stupid, and—"

Raph "Dammit, Leo, we got no time for ninja tactical crap—this is my best friend we're talkin' about... Our family, man. He needs us now!"

Leo "Yeah, and rushing into trouble's really worked out for you two in the past, right?"

Raph "You stinkin'—"

Splinter "Stop!"

Splinter "Stand apart, my sons."

Splinter "We achieve nothing if we quarrel amongst ourselves."

Splinter "You are both correct. Casey Jones is part of our family and we must save him, but it would be foolhardy to do so in reckless fashion."

Splinter "We must be quick... But we must also be cautious."

Splinter "Rest assured, Raphael, we will do everything in our power..."

Page 11

"...To rescue your friend."

Karai "Is all in order?"

Alopex "Yes..."

Alopex "...The other Foot have set up a perimeter. They'll scare away any idiots that get too close to the docks. Nobody will interfere."

Alopex "But, Karai, I'm curious..."

Alopex "...What makes you so sure they'll come for their friend?"

April "I know they will come, Alopex, because they are ninja. A clan."

Karai "Foolishly loyal unto death."

Page 12

April "Okay, guys, we're here."

Splinter "Miss O'Neil, until we understand exactly what it is we are facing, I must ask that you stay behind."

April "No problem, Master Splinter."

Raph "And listen, Foot or no Foot, this ain't the best 'hood in town. Lock this thing up tight and keep the motor runnin' just in case we gotta boogie the hell outta here, okay?"

April "Okay, Raph. Just stay safe, all right?"

April "And, please... Get Casey back."

Raph "Don't worry..."

Raph "I will."

Angel Bridge "'Night, Dad. See you la—"

Angel "What the hell?"

Page 13

Leo "Raph, you're right—there's Casey."

Raph "Where's Donnie and Mike?"

Splinter "I have sent them ahead..."

"...We must utilize our unique skills if we are to gain the advantage of surprise."

Raph "Surprise? It's just Karai and that stupid fox. We can take them."

Splinter "Patience, Raphael. The Foot is purposefully allowing us undefended access. This is a trap."

Raph "But... It looks like Casey's hurt. We can't just stand here doin'..."

Raph "...Nothin'."

Leo "Damn."

Splinter "Yes, Leonardo..."

Splinter "...Damn, indeed."

Page 14


April "Holy crap!"

April "Oh, my God... You about gave me a heart attack, um..."

Angel "Angel."

Angel "You're that college chick who hangs with Casey, ain't you? What the hell you doin' here?"

April "The... The Foot kidnapped Casey, so the guys—Splinter and the turtles—and I came down here to get him back."

Angel "Kidnapped? When?"

April "Earlier tonight. He might be hurt..."

April "...Or worse."

Angel "Damn."

Angel "What's your name?"

April "April."

Angel "Where were the others goin', April?"

April "The docks. Raph heard Karai say that's where they were taking Casey."

Angel "Okay. I gotta go help 'em. Casey's the only reason I ain't in jail or dead right now."

Angel "By yourself?"

Angel "No time to get the other Dragons. You hang tight."

April "Yeah, yeah... And lock my doors. I know, I know..."

Page 15

Karai "They are here, Grandfather."

Shredder "Yes, Karai."

Shredder "I know you are out there, Hamato Yoshi! Why do you delay coming to the aid of your fallen comrade?!"

Shredder "Why do you hide?!"

Alopex "Master, do you want me to go after them? Chase them out?"

Shredder "No, Alopex, there is no need to pursue them."

Shredder "I will show you how to draw vermin to a trap."

Casey "Mmfm... Fmmf... Mmf...?"

Shredder "Yoshi, your undivided attention is required! As you can see..."

Casey "Mrfmf... Urff... Mmff!"

Page 16


Shredder "Your comrade is now severely wounded!"

Page 17

Raph "No!"

Splinter "My son, wait!"

Karai "Foot! Attack!"

Raph "Grraagh!"

Karai "With me, Alopex. As we planned—avoid the battle and do not lose sight of the target."

Raph "That bastard stabbed him!"

Splinter "Raphael, calm yourself! Focus!"

Leo "Listen to Father, Raph!"

Raph "I'm gonna kill him!"

Page 18

Donnie "All hell's breaking loose!"

Donnie "C'mon, Mikey—we gotta get Casey!"

Mikey "Comin'!"

Shredder "Ah, an amphibious assault. Clever strategy... Albeit a predictable one."

Mikey "We're reptiles, you doofus!"

Donnie "That's not what he meant, Mikey."

Angel "Oh, no..."


Splinter "Leonardo, assist your other brothers—I will stay with Raphael!"

Leo "Yes, Sensei!"

Splinter "Raphael!"

Raph "I'm gonna rip you apart!"

Page 19

Karai "Our target is in the open, Alopex—you know what to do."

Alopex "Yes. Keep the prey separated from the herd."

Alopex "Grrargh!"


Leo "What the—uff!"

Angel "Guys—Casey's hurt bad! We gotta get him outta here!"

Angel "I—grf!—need help!"

Leo "Don! Mike! Help Angel!"

Donnie "C'mon, Mikey! Forget this guy!"

Mikey "See you 'round, pinhead!"

Shredder "Yes..."

Shredder "...You will."

Page 20

Donnie "Angel! Where'd you come from?"

Angel "Later! Let's go!"

Mikey "Leo, come on!"

Leo "Working on it!"


Donnie "Father! We have Casey!"

Splinter "Stop, Raphael! Quell your anger!"

Splinter "Your friend needs you now!"

Raph "Graah!"

Page 21

Leo "I'm outta here!"


Leo "Yah!"


Karai "It is done, Master."

Shredder "Yes, Karai. I see."

Shredder "Excellent."

Page 22

Raph "Oh, man... Casey."

Shredder "His wound is deep. We must get him to a hospital immediately."

Mikey "Dudes, the Foot just totally took off!"

Angel "April!"

April "I heard all the noise and couldn't sit around waiting anymore, so I—"

April "—Oh, my God."

Angel "C'mon, we gotta hurry!"

Raph "Oh, man..."

Donnie "Father, Leo's not here!"

Splinter "Leonardo? But—"

Angel "Dammit, we don't have time!"

April "She's right..."

April "...Casey's dying!"

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