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In the IDW continuity, Churk is an Utrom scientist who performed experiments during the Cretaceous period of Earth's prehistory. He was responsible for capturing Raphael along with various dinosaurs (including Pepperoni), and quickly discerned that the "warrior lizard" was an intelligent creature who was speaking a different language.

Along with the other Utrom scientists (including Yoom), he was captured and tied up by the Turtles, and left behind by the transport team who came to rescue them. When an Utrom soldier expressed a desire to conscript the "warrior lizards" into the Utroms' military service, Churk instead developed the idea of mutating the Triceratops they had captured.

Churk was one of the Utroms who was put into stasis on Burnow Island, and later awakened by Professor Zayton Honeycutt after General Krang's defeat. Upon seeing Michelangelo, Churk pounced on the "warrior lizard," and had to be convinced that the turtle was friendly. Churk was then menaced by Leatherhead, but was saved by the intervention of the Turtles.

After the arrival of the Triceratons on Burnow Island, Churk worked with Triceraton scientist Yot to grow crops on Burnow Island.

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  • Churk is responsible for the Triceraton race, having come up with the idea of mutating dinosaurs into soldiers.
  • According to his coworker Yoom, Churk snores. As pointed out by Renet, this is despite not having lungs or nostrils, and sounds like "someone farting into a trombone".