The Mechanical Master of Metal!

Vital Techtistics

Accessories: Silicon Sai, Neutron Ninja Swords, Gigobyte Goupillon, Shogun Sash
Birthplace: Shredder's Metal Shop
Weight: 600 programmed lbs.
Favortie Flower: Steel magnolias

Programmed for peak performance, programmed for pulverizing pizza-eating peons - he's Chrome Dome, Shredder's synthetic soldier of doom. Transistorized for terror in the Technodrome, this vindictive villain has one command permanently burned into his memory chips - destroy all Turtles! Shredder packed Chrome Dome with deadly diodes of destruction, making this robotic ruffian the ultimate shogun warrior! With his own brand of digital dexterity, Chrome Dome weilds weapons from his atomic arsenal. And when this metallic menace swings his servo sai and gigobyte goupillon, the Turtles must duck or die! Shredder's made this metallic marvel to be just like him - a master of martial mayhem, battle techniques and everlasting evil. He's one programmed punk who will never rest until he rusts.


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