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Zodiac, Part 2

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In Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Amazing Adventures, Chris Bradford, formerly also known as Dogpound and now also known as Rahzar, is a former human and twice-mutated mutant akita inu. He is also a ninja in the service of Oroku Saki and the Foot Clan.

This version of Chris Bradford is branched off from his original version in the 2012 TV series. His history before the events of Amazing Adventures is the same as that of his animated version.


In "Zodiac", Bradford is one of several mutants brainwashed by the Zodiac Key in the service of Tetsumi Onamota, who calls himself Zodiac. The same thing happens to Anton Zeck, Tiger Claw and Karai, and they all leave the Foot Clan. This prompts the Shredder to get them back, mainly because Karai was among those stolen from him. Splinter and the turtles manage to break the Zodiac Key, causing Tetsumi to vanish and restoring everyone to their own senses, including Bradford. The Shredder orders Bradford and Tiger Claw to grab Karai and escape with a smoke bomb.

In "Instru-Mental", it is revealed that a young Bradford co-starred with the members of rock band "Glamourshok" in a failure of a film titled First Grade Fireman. At the end of the story, a stereo is thrown into Foot Headquarters and Rahzar approaches it, turning it on and enjoying the music within, before Baxter Stockman warns him to destroy it before Shredder hears it. Rahzar does so, but he keeps the tape (labeled "Shellshok") for himself.


  • The Shredder calls Bradford "Rahzar." This is different from the TV series, where the Shredder always called him "Bradford" and never "Rahzar."

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