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"Winning—and the perception of winning—means everything to me. Everything."

In the Mirage TMNT universe, Lord Chiton is the ruler of the kingdom of Atlantia in the parallel world of Nocturna. He is the former husband of Lilith, father of Lucrezia with Lilith, and current husband of Oceana.


Chiton married Lilith and they had a daughter, Lucrezia. When Chiton and Lilith divorced, Lucrezia went to live at Lilith's Den with Lilith and the rest of the Sisterhood. Chiton remarried a woman named Oceana. But Chiton was not a faithful husband, and he began an affair with Sloane, the Sisterhood's new werewolf who had come to resent Lilith for resurrecting Sloane from death with only part of her soul intact. Chiton entered a conspiracy with Sloane and Lord Incubor to ruin Lilith and cast her as an incompetent mother and Chiton as a hero, in the hopes that it would play in Chiton's favor during his next court battle with Lilith over custody of Lucrezia.

The co-conspirators' gambit began with Sloane taking innocent Lucrezia ("Lulu") away from their den as Incubor kidnapped Lilith and the Sisterhood. Then, Sloane "discovered" that Lilith and the Sisterhood had gone missing, and Lulu helped Sloane travel to the normal world to recruit Sloane's old friend Shadow Jones and Shadow's uncle Raphael into helping them find Lilith's whereabouts. While the four of them were in the den, a giant barn owl ripped the entire den off its foundations, carried it through the sky, and dropped it onto the open ocean where it was cushioned by a giant jellyfish that carried the dwelling to Atlantia. Chiton quickly befriended Raphael and Shadow, promising all the resources of his kingdom in helping rescue his ex-wife Lilith, and that Raphael could fight by his side. But Chiton started the battle against Lord Incubor without Raph, who quickly realized that Chiton's guards were preventing him, Shadow, Sloane and Lulu from leaving their guest quarters. This was all according to the co-conspirators' plan; the hotheaded Raph attacked the Atlantian guards, and with Lulu's help the four escaped Atlantia and went to rescue Lilith themselves while facing the scripted resistance of Incubor's forces. Meanwhile, on the battlefield, even as many soldiers were killing each other, Chiton met with Incubor to continue their very expensive farce, with Chiton savagely beating Incubor into "defeat," already agreeing in advance to pay Incubor's medical bills.

With Lilith finally rescued and Chiton victorious on the battlefield, not only did Chiton appear as the hero and Lilith appear as the incompetent matriarch, but Chiton even earned Lilith's gratitude for helping rescue her. But Raphael and Shadow knew something was not right about the situation, and they tracked and eavesdropped on Chiton, Sloane and Incubor finishing their business transaction and saw Chiton and Sloane sharing a kiss. Raph and Shadow confronted the co-conspirators, but Chiton shrewdly threatened the uncle and niece that they won't be able to return home to their own world if they tell anyone what they had uncovered. Chiton had successfully pulled off his machiavellian fraud, and there was nothing his pawns Raphael or Shadow Jones could do about it.


  • Chiton's name comes from the word chiton (from Classical Greek χιτών, khitṓn), which refers to different things.
  • Chiton's role seems to replace through retroactive continuity the role of Gnostros, king of the elves, an unseen character Lucrezia mentions as being her father in The Taking. Unlike Chiton, Gnostros was never married to Lilith.
  • Chiton's species is never specified, though with his peculiar nose he does not appear quite human.
  • Chiton is the ruler of the kingdom of Atlantia, but is always referred to as its lord rather than as its king. It is never specified whether he is royalty, or whether he is a regent, a military dictator or some other office.