Chienkhan clix

Chien Khan is a TMNT Heroclix release.


TMNT Villain, Martial Artist, Mystical

Powers and abilities

  • Sacrificial dagger: Chien Khan can use Blades/Claws/Fangs and Steal Energy. When Chien Khan KO's an opposing character, after actions resolve, you may place a Noi Tai Dar, Great Oni bystander as described on this card in the KO'd character's square.
  • Chase you down (Charge)
  • Control the warrior dragon (Mind Control)
  • Fists of fury (Flurry)
  • Feel my bite (Blades Claws/Fangs)
  • Martial arts master (Combat Reflexes)
  • Dog's senses (Super Senses)
  • Leader of the Dog Star Gang (Leadership)
  • Sorcery of the oni (Probability Control)

Point value: 75
Universe: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures (1988 comic series)

Noi Tai Dar, Great Oni

  • Phasing/Teleport
  • Penetrating/Psychic Blast
  • Impervious
  • Close Combat Expert

Point value: 0

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