1992 chief leo
The Flame-shootin’ Feather-topped Foot Fighter!

Vital Teepeetistics

Accessories: Bodacious Bow & Arrow, Sewer Spear, Quasi Quiver, Totally Turtle Tomahawk, Battle Blade
Favorite Target: Shredder’s Backside
Favorite Dance: Rain ‘n Pain
Furthest Distance Arrow Shot: 112859 Meters (without a bow, too!)

Those smoke signals mean war when Chief Leo hits the wild frontier. He’s not a Cherokee or Apache; this Mutant maverick is in a tribe all by himself – the Turtle Tribe! And Chief Leo’s got all the Native American instruments to make hime a traditional wild west warrior. Don’t sneeze at his feathery ceremonial headdress or he’ll skewer you on his sewer spear. Watch the paleface Foot run for cover when Chief Leo pulls his fiery arrows from his quasi quiver. Then when it’s trophy takin’ time, Chief Leo uses his trusty totally Turtle tomahawk to give those forked tongued Foot fiends a close shave – very close. So fork over the wampum, dudes. Chief Leo’s worth his weight in horses and tree bark pizza.

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