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Cheery Tomato
Biographical information

President Pepperoni

Physical description

Robotic Tomato



Out of universe information

Rise of the TMNT

First appearance

War and Pizza

Created by

Ian Busch

Voiced by

Jill Talley

Teachers and Students
Cheery Tomato is a robotic sidekick to Albearto during the latter's musical performances, in which she played an electric guitar. When Albearto was accidentally brought to life by Donatello, he used his tentacle-like wires to also bring Cheery Tomato to life so she could fight the Turtles. She attacked Donatello in the ball pit, only to be electrocuted by him. As she began to melt, she detonated herself, blowing up the ball pit.

Another Cheery was seen alongside an Alberto in Al Be Back, prior to the Albearto from War and Pizza taking control of that Albearto.

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