Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

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Casey Jones "Ain't this great?!"

Casey "In the mix again."


Casey "Together."


Casey "Just like old times!"


Gunman "Aagh!"

Raphael "I don't know, man."

Raph "I mean, I miss scrappin' with you and all..."

Raph "...But this ain't like old times."

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Casey "Whaddya mean, bro?"

Nobody "He means you hangin' out with these Dragon dweebs."

Nobody "Seriously, what the hell, Jones?"

Casey "I run the Purple Dragons now."

Casey "Took some tough negotiatin', but here we are."

Raph "But why?"

Casey "To join forces with the Foot Clan—just like Master Splinter planned."

Casey "You know... To help you guys run the city after we trash the Phantoms."

Casey "Didn't your dad tell you?"

Raph "No."

Raph "He didn't."

Page 3

Leonardo "I think that's all of them. Nice work, everyone."

Splinter "Indeed."

Raph "Father..."

Raph "...What else aren't you tellin' us?"

Splinter "My son?"

Raph "First Harold, now Casey. What's your next big surprise?"

Splinter "Raphael, I—"

Donatello "Can't it wait, Raph? Harold's still in trouble."

Leo "Donnie's right. We've already wasted enough time fighting Lupo and his goons. We need to get moving."

Leo "Casey, you and the Dragons stay out here—form a security perimeter. No telling if there're more of these wise guys waiting to pop up."

Casey "No problem. Ain't nobody gettin' past us."

Leo "The rest of us are gonna head inside and take care of the business we came here for."

Leo "And this time..."

Page 4

Leo "...We go all-in."

"They're coming for you, Harold..."

Page 5

Libby Meitner "...Dun's little lapdogs. They're combing the building as we speak."

Libby "They're getting closer."

Libby "If they return you to Dun, I'm guessing you'll find that monocled sociopath far less cordial this time."

Harold Lillja "Yes, because he was the embodiment of courteousness before."

Harold "Meh."

Harold "Besides, isn't that why you're here? To drag me back to your boss."

Libby "I prefer to call that buffoon my client, thank you very much."

Harold "Well, your "client" sure seems to have you firmly under his thumb, or should I say, buried deep in his pockets?"

Libby "Say what you want. It doesn't change the fact that I'm not here at his directive right now."

Harold "Then why are you here, Libby?"

Libby "I already told you—"

Libby "—I want to renew our partnership."

Harold "Don't be obtruse."

Harold "Our partnership ended the second you stole all my ideas and hocked them to that ignoramus Dun."

Libby "Your ideas?!"

Page 6


Harold "Dammit, woman!"

Libby "How dare you take full credit for my work! I stole nothing from you, Harold Lilja!"

Libby "I walked away, yes. You could even say I betrayed you, if that makes you feel better. But to accuse me of intellectual thievery? The absolute nerve of you!"

Libby "What I sold was mine to sell, Harold! Pure and simple."

Harold "You sold your soul, Libby..."

Harold "...Pure and simple."

Libby "..."

Libby "You're right."

Harold "Wait. What?"

Harold "Did you actually admit I was... Right?"

Libby "First time for everything, I suppose."

Libby "I gained it all—wealth, power... You name it."

Libby "And yet in the end, my life is empty without you to share it with."

Harold "I... I can't trust you, Libby. I hear what you're saying, but it's all just words—your greedy actions just don't correlate."

Harold "What makes you think I even want any part of it?"

Harold "The truth is, you've already abandoned me once for sheer pettiness. You'll do it again."

Libby "No, I won't. I—"

Jammer "There's that old coot!"

Page 7

Jammer "Taze his scrawny butt before he bolts again!"

Libby "No!"



Turk "Look out!"

Libby "Action, not words... Am I right?"

Harold "That still doesn't—"


Libby "What the...?"

Harold "Sounds like my new partners have arrived, just like I knew they would."

Harold "It's what I've been trying to tell you—there are some things money just can't buy, Libby."

Harold "Loyalty, for example!"

Libby "Damned stubborn goat..."

Page 8

Darius Dun >Mr. Jammer, status report!<

Jammer "Still chasing Lilja, boss."

Jammer "And hate to tell ya this, but the inventor's helpin' him."

Darius >Forget them...<

Darius "...We've got more immediate concerns to deal with."

Darius "The Foot Clan have arrived—uninvited and in force."

Darius "Protect this building from those damn ninja, Mr. Jammer—you and your Street Phantoms."

Darius "Lethal force authorized."

Darius "That goes for Lilja and that traitor Meitner, too."

Darius "Kill them if they get in your way."

Page 9

Splinter "Darius Dun's offices are in the upper levels—that is where they will be holding Harold Lilja. Find him."

Splinter "We will deal with Dun."

Splinter "And, chunin, remember..."

Splinter "...Harold Lilja is our only ally here."

Splinter "All others must be defeated."

Leo "Understood, Master."

Raph "Why the delay, bro? More top-secret stuff with Sensei?"

Leo "Look, Raph—none of us likes being kept out of the loop. But this isn't the time to stand around and gripe about it."

Leo "The Phantoms could be anywhere."

Turk "Ain't that the truth."



Turk "Shoulda taken the elevator, chumps."

Page 10

Leo "I'm... Good."

Nobody "Well, these idiots won't be for long."

Donnie "Remember—avoid the EMP guns."

Mikey "What do they look like?"

Maze "Like... This!"



Nobody "Not again, Little Rude Riding Hood—"

Nobody "—One zap's all you get!"


Page 11

Leo "Guys! They're getting away!"

Mikey "On it!"

Turk "Wha—"


Donnie "Sorry, Jammer."

Donnie "You can run all you want..."

Donnie "...But you can't hide anymore."

Jammer "Stinkin' mutant!"



Jammer "Nnff!"

Donnie "We really owe Harold some serious thanks, guys..."

Page 12

"...'Cause his new tech rules."


Libby "Harry! Wait!"

Harold "Stop calling me Harry."

Libby "Okay—but hear me out. Please."

Harold "Scientist to scientist, maybe. But scientist to cyborg?"

Harold "FOrget it."

Maze "Wha... Who?"

Libby "Fine..."

Libby "...We'll do it your way."

Harold "So talk."

Libby "Listen to me. I know now what I did in the past... Leaving you like I did... I know it was a mistake."

Libby "To be completely frank, I've known it for a while."

Libby "You're right—money can't buy the things that are truly important. I thought it could when I left you."

Libby "I mean, all those wonderful inventions you and I created together—all those amazing patents we shared—and we were still barely getting by."

Libby "It seemed such a colossal waste of time and energy... And talent. Endless hours slaving in the lab and nothing to show for it..."

Libby "...Or so I believed."

Maze "Inventor."

Page 13

Libby "But then I started working for that ape Dun, and I had more money than I could shake a scoopula at, and all I could think about was what I didn't have anymore."

Libby "It was you, Harold. I no longer had that satisfaction—that indescribable, irreplaceable rush—of creating with you... Of collaborating with my partner."

Libby "My husband."

Libby "All the money in the world couldn't change one empirical fact—"

Libby "—A fact that became blindingly apparent when I saw you so ingeniously fight back against Dun and his goons tonight."

Libby "I love you, Harold."

Harold "I... Libby, I—"

Libby "No!"

Harold "What in blazes?!"

Maze "Traitor!"


Libby "Aaghh!"

Harold "Libby!"

Maze "Your turn, old man."

Nobody "Wrong."

Page 14



Nobody "Man. I really hate that chick."

Harold "Libby... Libby!"

Libby "How's that for loyalty... You stubborn goat?"

Donnie "Harold..."

Donnie "...Are you okay?"

Libby "Your new... Partners... I take it?"

Harold "Not anymore."

Harold "No, I'm not okay, Donatello. Not in the least."

Harold "I should be relieved to see you—I honestly thought I would be. But now I realize, ever since you barged into my life, it's been nothing but chaos. I create... You destroy. No more. I'm done with you and your damned ninja clan."

Harold "Get away from me before you bring any more destruction into my life."

Leo "C'mon, Donnie. Angel will get Harold and his friend to safety."

Leo "Time for us to go..."

Page 15

"...We still have Dun to deal with."

Darius "Come on, then..."

Darius "...Let me show you what I was made for."

Splinter "I am impressed, Darius Dun."

Page 16

Splinter "It will be an honor to fight you."

Leo "Father?"

Splinter "No. He is mine."

Darius "Filthy mutant!"



Darius "Uff!"

Splinter "You are a formidable warrior, to be sure, Darius Dun."

Splinter "But your Street Phantoms have been vanquished..."


Splinter "...Your inventor lost and, despite your admirable prowess..."

Splinter "...So, too, are you."

Splinter "Today belongs to the Foot Clan."

Page 17

Splinter "As master, I am honor-bound to offer you the terms of surrender."

Splinter "We will take control of all your resources—your facilities, your financial holdings, and your technologies."

Splinter "Everything that was yours will now be ours."

Donnie "What is he talking about?"

Mikey "We're gonna steal all their stuff?"

Splinter "And in exchange, you will keep your life."

Darius "Pompous, delusional rat. My life isn't yours to bargain with."

Darius "I'll never surrender to you."

Darius "I swear to you, some way, some how, I will destroy you, mutant."

Darius "But not before I force you to watch your precious green monsters die slow, painful, pathetic deaths..."

Darius "...Right before your beady little rodent eyes."

Splinter "Very well."

Splinter "Assassin."

Splinter "Now."

Page 18


Darius "Hrgk!"


Turk "Holy!"

Maze "They killed him!"

Donnie "Again... He did it again."

Mikey "I... I can't, guys. I can't do this anymore."

Mikey "It's too..."

Mikey "...Insane."

Donnie "Mikey's right. He's been right all along."

Raph "Yeah. This ain't us."

Raph "Not one stinkin' bit of it."

Page 19

Leo "Father? Why? We had Dun beat. The Street Phantoms, too. That should've been enough!"

Leo "Instead, you turn us into crooks..."

Leo "...And murderers?!"

Splinter "Victory required the fortitude to crush our enemies and absorb their treasures in order to sustain ourselves, Leonardo."

Splinter "We must be strong in all things."

Leo "This isn't strength! This is..."

Leo "...This is wrong!"

Splinter "No, my son. This is war."

Splinter "And this is how it must be."

Splinter "In another lifetime, I swore to your dying mother that I would do all in my power to protect you and your brothers from the dangers posed by the Foot Clan. To keep you safe and alive."

Splinter "I failed then... And I am failing now, in this second life we have been given."

Splinter "You and your brothers are not safe with me. Perhaps you never have been."

Page 20

Splinter "I have kept secrets from you, and I apologize for the ruse, but not the purpose."

Splinter "The strong loyalty you all possess forced drastic measures on my part to accomplish my goal to send you from the dangers that surround me as Master of the Foot Clan."

Splinter "If I cannot protect you while you are in my case, perhaps I can do so by driving you away."

Splinter "Your brothers have made their decision, and now you must do so as well."

Splinter "I can no longer lead them, Leonardo..."

Splinter "...That duty now falls to you."

Leo "I..."

Leo "...I understand, Master."

Splinter "Remove the cloaks from the prisoners."

Jammer "And then what, huh? Gonna slice and dice us, too?"

Splinter "No. Then you are free to go."

Splinter "And when you do, be certain you share with others like yourselves the important lesson you have witnessed this day."

Splinter "The Foot Clan is not to be trifled with."

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