Charles M. Pennington
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Earth, New York City

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1990 film

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990 film)

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Jay Patterson

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Charles "Chuck" M. Pennington is Daniel Pennington's father, and April O'Neil's boss in the first film. He had trouble dealing with his son, who had a problem with stealing, and was unaware that Daniel had joined the Foot Clan.

Charles was blackmailed by Chief Sterns that if he could get April to back off on the mysterious crimes caused by the Foot, then Sterns would agree to go easy on Danny. Charles went to April's residence, where he told April to not "push anymore buttons" and to terminate her pursuit of the Foot Clan crimes. During this tense argument Danny was present and took notice of the Turtles in hiding (he also took advantage of being unnoticed to pilfer some cash from April's wallet). When Charles is driving Danny to school he is understandably furious about the arrest, although his reasons for getting to the bottom of the matter were not targeted precisely. Danny flees to rejoin his Foot recruits at their hideout, the real reason for joining the Foot was his feelings of being a social outcast and anger with his father. Prior to this, Charles shouted at Danny that he makes more than enough money to support both Danny and himself and he is angry that Danny was shoplifting, implying Charles figured Danny thought he was deprived and resorted to larceny.

True to April's attitude, she overtly continued her investigation on the Foot Clan crimes. When Chief Sterns learns of this, he angrily calls Charles with the message "Pennington, I thought we had a deal!" Later, when her home was invaded and eventually torched by the Foot, Pennington calls and leaves a message on her answering machine, which was unheard by April as the Turtles got her to safety away from the fight. When April fled to an old farmhouse she owned in the country, she had no means of transportation and suggested contacting Charles to get her back to the news studio. Casey Jones, however, said Charles probably no longer feels responsible for her any more. When April asks how come, Casey said he overheard the answering machine during the fight and that she was fired.

When April came back to New York, Pennington told her of the consequences and that he wanted her back. April, after easily getting her own corner office and receiving higher pay, sarcastically and rudely told him he was "a tough negotiator." Pennington appeared to brush off the comment, more focused on his reunion with Danny.


  • According to Danny's criminal record, Charles middle name begins with letter M.
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