Channel 6 News (also known as Channel Six News) is the main TV station in New York City.

Channel 6 appears in the 2012 animated series, in particular in connection with the newscaster Carlos Chiang O'Brien Gambe, the presenter Joan Grody and the sensational stories that are related to the adventures of the Turtles in the immediate context.


Rise of the Turtles, Part 2 - Carlos reports ninja sightings in New York City.

It Came From The Depths - Joan Grody reports alligators in the sewers.

The Manhattan Project, Part 2 - The old cartoon Channel 6 building also made a cameo in the end of the episode, when it intermediately cuts to the reality of the 1987 animated series.

The Croaking - Donatello accesses the Channel 6 News website, where he finds an article about the Punk Frogs.




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