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Casey Jones "You get up, chump, and I promise I'll knock you right back on your ass."

Casey "And if I gotta smack you again..."

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Casey "...There ain't gonna be no more gettin' up."

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"Okay, okay... It's cool."

Raphael "Nothin' cool 'bout jackin' old ladies' purses, jerkwad."

Casey "Grab the purse, bro."

Raph "Huh?"

Casey "The purse, man—get it and let's boogie."

Raph "Uh, yeah... Okay."

"P-Please, man... Please don't hurt me."

Raph "Whatever."

Raph "What now?"

Casey "Now, we make like good guys and give it back."

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Casey "This is the best part of the job, dude. She's gonna love us."

Raph "Uh, ma'am... We, uh... Got your purse back for you and—"

"Oh, my God!"


Raph "Yeah, she loved us, all right."

Casey "Probably coulda thought that one out a little better, huh?"

Raph "Just a little."

Casey "Ahh, well, ain't the first time that happened. There's a police station not too far from here. We can drop it off there then go get us some food."

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Casey "I smacked that guy up pretty good, huh? Dude has a hard head, that's for sure."

Raph "Yeah, you did, Casey."

Raph "But I'm wonderin'—if it was so easy to beat that guy up, why didn't you fight back against your dad earlier? Drunk as he was, I bet you coulda took 'im."

Casey "Yeah, that."

Casey "My Mom... She died like a year and a half ago from cancer. She was really sick for a long time before she went and that's what pushed the old man over the edge. Dude couldn't handle it, so I pretty much took care of her while he drank himself stupid."

Casey "Thing is, my mom still loved him a lot. Don't ask me why, but she did. And just before she died, she made me promise to take care of him when she was gone—and to not fight with him."

Casey "I been keepin' my promise—at least the not-fightin'-with-him part. I figure there ain't no takin' care of that boozehound anymore, so I just avoid him as much as I can."

Raph "Man, that's tough."

Casey "Well, what about you? Don't even know your own name—now that sucks. You think you got knocked in the head, maybe? Amnesia, or somethin'?"

Raph "Maybe. I dunno. I remember wakin' up in an alley one day. But, before that...?"

Raph "Nothin'."

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Casey "Harsh."

Raph "Yeah, I guess."

Raph "So, what's up with the hockey mask?"

Casey "Oh, this?"

Casey "I was a big time jock in high school and got a scholarship at New York Tech for hockey. I got a mean slap shop and a wicked right hook, so they gave me a full ride."

Casey "I ain't much of a book guy, though. So I'm on academic probation until I get my grades up. Sucks, 'cause if I don't, I lose the scholarship, and the money I get every month's the only thing payin' for rent and food."

Casey "But just 'cause I ain't playin' no more, don't mean I ain't still in the game."

Casey "C'mon, let's get rid of that purse and I'll show you why I got the school record for penalty minutes."

Casey "Unless you wanna keep it? That purse does look sooo cute on you, man."

Raph "Not as good as it looks on you."

Casey "Heh."


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"...We gotta tell Hob 'bout this."

Donatello "Hyah!"

Leonardo "Whoulf!"

Donnie "Ha!"

Donnie "Uff!"

Splinter "Again!"

Splinter "Show me again, Donatello. And this time, do not lose focus of what is truly important."

Splinter "Incapacitating Leonardo is worthless if Michelangelo is able to do the same to you. You must strike and forget. The past is gone and all that matters is your next move."

Splinter "To celebrate victory prematurely is to invite early defeat."

Donatello "Yes, Sensei. I'm sorry."

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Splinter "Apologies are unnecessary, my son. I only ask that you learn from your mistakes and strike to rectify that which is wrong. Training is everything."

Splinter "If we underestimate the importance of training, then we underestimate the formidability of our enemies."

Michelangelo "Uh, Master, speaking of enemies, what exactly is Old Hob's deal? I mean, why's he so hot to get at us?"

Mikey "What'd we ever do to him?"

Splinter "Yes... Old Hob."

Splinter "You need not concern yourself with such things, Michelangelo—as I said, you must focus on what is, not what was."

Splinter "It is simply enough for you to understand..."

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"...That Old Hob has his reasons."

[Fifteen months earlier.]

Old Hob "Yrrooww."

Hob "Hss!"

Hob "Nrrrrrr..."

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Splinter "Skree!"

Splinter "Eeee!"

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Hob "Erk!"

Hob "Nraarr!"

Hob "Yrooww!"

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"Grab the bag!"

"The rat!"

"Kill it!"


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Splinter "What...?"

Splinter "Guh?!"

Splinter "I... I can... Speak. My... My body..."

Splinter "...What has happened?"

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Splinter "Who—?"

Splinter "My... Turtles?"

Donnie, Mikey & Leo "Turtles."

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[Present day.]

Leo "All clear, guys..."

Leo "...Let's go."

Mikey "Dudes, I can't believe we're doin' this again."

Leo "Give it a rest, Mikey. You know Master Splinter says finding Raphael is our main priority right now, so quit whining."

Mikey "I'm not whinin', Leo... I'm just sayin'."

Leo "Well, quit saying then. It's getting old."

Donnie "I don't know, Leo... I'm with Mikey on this."

Donnie "If anything's getting old, it's chasing our tails every night looking for a brother we're not even sure exists."

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Leo "Don't even go there, Donnie! If Master Splinter says Raphael's alive, then he's alive—end of story!"

Donnie "No, that's not the end of it! You can act like the loyal little son all you want, Leo, but I know you're just as tired of doing this night after night as we are."

Donnie "I mean, c'mon, we never find Raphael and meanwhile Hob and his creeps keep putting the squeeze on us tighter and tighter."

Mikey "Yeah, Leo, all this ninja trainin' we're doin'—it can't be for nothin', bro. Hob needs a serious ass kickin' and we should be the ones givin' it to him. Just like the other night."

Leo "We didn't have a choice then, Mikey. Old Hob was getting too close to finding where we live, threatening innocent people to get at us. We had to—"

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Donnie "So, that's it? We can protect others but not ourselves? C'mon, Leo, do you realize how imbecilic that sounds?"

Leo "We were protecting ourselves. Besides, I don't care how it sounds, Donatello! It's what Master wants, so that's enough!"

Donnie "Is it, Leo? Is it really enough?"

Donnie "Look, Mikey and I love and respect Father just as much as you do. It's just..."

Donnie "...It's just that we think this whole Raphael thing—maybe it's just a guilty obsession he has, you know? Like he couldn't save all four of us and he just doesn't want to accept it."

Donnie "Maybe it's time we all accept that Raphael was probably killed."

Leo "Don't even say that."

Donnie "Why? Because you don't want to hear it, or because you don't have the guts to say it yourself?"

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Leo "I'll show you guts, you little—!"

Mikey "Whoa, whoa! This ain't the way to do this, bros. Back off, both of you!"

Donnie "Mikey's right, Leo. I'm sorry."

Donnie "But what I said still stands. Every time we don't find Rahael, we accomplish nothing."

Donnie "Maybe it's time we change that—maybe it's time we finally get a little more proactive on our patrols."

Donnie "Besides, it doesn't mean we won't be looking for Raphael. We'll just be... Enhancing our searches a bit. Changing things up."

Leo "I... I guess it wouldn't hurt, but—"

Mikey "That's the spirit, bro! Let's go kick some ass, take names, and find Raphael! Win-win!"

Donnie "And, it's not like Master Splinter hasn't taught us to adjust our strategy, right? You know what he always says, Leo..."

Donnie "...Change is the only constant."

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"Here you go."

Casey "Thanks."

Casey "You're gonna love these, bro. Made from the sickest mystery meat in all of NYC."

Raph "Works for me."

"Did we lose the cops?!"

Casey "Huh?"

Raph "Uf!"

"Just shut up and keep runnin'!"

"Outta the way, losers!"

Casey "...And that's knockin' the crud outta two-bit crooks."

Casey "C'mon!"

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Casey "No way, punks!"

Casey "You ain't gettin' away that easy!"



Raph "Yeah..."

Raph "...What he said!"

Casey "I think you fools owe me and my buddy here some dinner."

"Dinner's the least of your worries."

Raph "Huh?"

Casey "Aw... Crud."

Hob "Well, if it ain't the little lost turtle..."

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Hob "...Remember me?"

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