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Colonel Ch'rell appears in the IDW comics as one of the Utroms that, since the initial exile of his race, was sleeping in stasis in the Technodrome. Ch'rell is an Utrom described by Professor Zayton Honeycutt as being Krang's deadliest warrior, just as guilty of war crimes as his superior officer, and one of the few Utroms with a natural propensity for violence. For this reason, Honeycutt decides to hold off on reviving Ch'rell from stasis until after he is able to talk with the other Utroms.

With the death of Krang at the conclusion of The Trial of Krang, Kleve and Montuoro discuss their clandestine plans to awaken Ch'rell in his stead, as some Utroms still believe in Krang's cause of conquest and disapprove of Ma'riell's peaceful Utrom leadership.

After the successful establishment of a treaty between the Utroms and Triceratons, Kleve was able to revive Ch'rell. Kleve took Ch'rell's place in stasis while Ch'rell secretly worked with Montuoro. When Ma'riell attempted to wake him from stasis, he reappeared in an armored suit along with Tragg and Granitor. After chastising his sister for keeping him forcibly in stasis, he departed to defend the island, confronting a tank full of humans.

Over time, Ch'rell became increasingly resentful of the Utroms' truce with the Triceratons. When Triceraton leader Zom gave birth to a baby she named Seri - to be known as the Triceraton Regenta - Ch'rell found the first natural birth of a Triceraton in centuries to be a threat to the Utroms, as that was a sign of the former slave species breaking completely from their yoke. Ch'rell descended on the Triceratons to exterminate Seri, killing Zom and the Triceraton doctor Zura in the process, but not before Ma'riell loaded the Regenta into a maturation pod to artificially age her to her late teens, and then shuttled her away to find help in the Triceraton and friendly Utroms' only allies on Earth, the Ninja Turtles. Ch'rell and his men would then jail Ma'riell and the other Utrom dissidents, as well as hollow out Zom's corpse to use as a chassis.

Ch'rell sent some Utom assassins to hunt down Seri in Mutant Town. Meanwhile, Krang, finally free of Leatherhead's body and now using Metalhead as an exo-suit, and headed toward Burnow Island to reclaim control of his army. Ch'rell, however, in his single-minded focus of eradicating the Triceratons, felt Krang had lost his way and challenged him, with Krang's former loyalists Kleve and Montuoro backing him. Krang and Ch'rell fought, with Krang gaining the upper-hand and about to execute Ch'rell, but then Kleve stepped in at the last moment and blasted Krang in the face, killing him. The Armageddon Game #5 Little to Ch'rell and his loyalists' knowledge, though, Metalhead detected that Krang's vital signs had faded out, and used electric shocks to revive him. The Armageddon Game #6

After learning that his assassins were unsuccessful, Ch'rell sent his Zom exo-suit, piloted via remote, to Mutant Town with an extermination squad. There, he faced Seri and the Turtles in combat. Seri, enraged that he defiled her mother as such, rushed the screen where Ch'rell would have been controlling Zom with her horn, only to find out his ruse. Eager for vengeance, Seri joined the Nova Posse in heading to Burnow. TMNT #137

Ch'rell, now in an amalgamated Triceraton exo-suit, confronts Seri and the Nova Posse once they reach his stronghold. Seri removes her mother's prosthetic horn, which she had placed over her own snout horn, and jams it between Ch'rell's eyes, killing him. She broadcasts Ch'rell's death to the Utrom horde in Mutant Town, convincing them to give up and leave. TMNT #138


While Honeycutt views him as deadly threat, Ch'rell is not seen as a menace, threat, or anomaly by many of his fellow Utroms, particularly those of military rank. They speak of him highly and were surprised to learn that he was still in stasis instead of being awakened just like them.

Ch'rell and the current Utrom leader Ma'riell are brother and sister, though Ma'riell disapproved of Krang and Ch'rell's pursuit of conquest and genocide as a means of sustaining their race.

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