The Stone Age Rockin' Reporter and Dino Pal Combo!

Vital Stonetistics

Accessories: Kowabunga Club, Wood and Stone Ninja Stars, Stone Stickin' Knife, Stone Age Saddle & Reins, Prehistoric Forearm Plate, Bronto Brand
Least Favorite Thing: Saddle Boo Boos
Favorite Activity: Huntin' for News

Being a reporter during the Mesozoic Era isn't the easiest thing in the world, but Cave-Woman April accepts the challenge and chisels her reports in stone for the rock tabloid, "The Prehistoric Times." She loves warnin' everyone about the thunderin' terror known as Cave-Beast Bebop. And when Cave-Woman April's not hammerin' headlines, she's hangin' out with the Cave-Turtles, chowin' down on sedimentary sauced pizzas.

Once she's out and about, Cave-Woman April roams her barbaric beat, in search of the next late-breakin' news feature. Her last headline was "Fire discovered!" If she runs into trouble, Cave-Woman April tugs on the reins of her Radical Raptor and pulls out her kowabunga club. Together, Cave-Woman April and her Radical Raptor are a deadly duo. Her roamin, ravin' Radical Raptor's got skin-rippin' claws and is fast 'n' furious enough to hunt Foot prey. She can knock out a ninny Neanderthal from great distances using her wood and stone Ninja stars. For those up-close combat moments, Cave-Woman April's got her trusty stone stickin' knife. And of course, if things get way out of hand, Cave-Woman April's Cave-Turtle buddies are always there, too - at least for the next 2 billion years!

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